Mr. Styles & Mr. Horan

Lily and Maisy are just like any normal teenagers; they go to school, hang out with friends and do what most girls do. but what happens when 2 new young teachers arrive at the school?


1. Back To School

Lily’s P.O.V:

It was the first day back to school after the summer holidays and I was now in Year 11 which meant my life was going to be taken up by exams and revision. My friends dad had dropped me and my best friend Maisy into school and we were walking to maths after morning registration, the both of us were talking about what the new teacher would be like. This term we had 2 new teachers one for maths and the other for science, first we had Mr. Horan for maths and as we walked in our jaws dropped, there stood a very young looking blonde male. “Good morning girls, I'm Mr. Horan”

When we sat down Maisy nudged me and whispered “he's hot” the both of us giggled when Mr. Horan turned around “something funny girls at the back?” he asked looking directly at us, “oh Maisy was just telling me how hot she thinks you are” I replied and watched as Maisy went a bright shade of red and slapped my arm, “right I’ll talk to Maisy after class then” the class filled with “ooooh’s” and whistles and Maisy went even more red and I just giggled as she told me she was going to kill me.

At the end of the lesson I waited outside for Maisy as her and Mr. Horan spoke. She was in there for ages and the bell for second lesson had already rung, when she finally walked out she was giggling like crazy. “What’s your problem?” I asked laughing a little. “Well, first he asked if it was true and nodded and then he told me a bit about himself and he's only like 19 and he's really intelligent which is why he is able to work here, and the same for the new science teacher. He then said that I was really beautiful.” She giggled again taking a breath, when we arrived to science we were 10 minutes late, we thought maybe if we had a new teacher he would let us off.

When we walked in there stood a tall dark curly haired male, he was hot. “Why are you late girls?” he asked sternly, “um we had to talk to Mr. Horan, sorry sir” Maisy answered, “very well take a seat.” He said rolling his eyes. I looked on the board to see the name Mr. Styles written at the top, I leant over and whispered to Lauren the same as she had whispered to me last lesson and we giggled again, but just like last lesson we got caught “what's funny girls?” he asked turning back, and like I did to her Maisy put me in it “Lily thinks your sexy sir” although that’s not what I said it was her payback. “Well if she thinks I'm so sexy she can sit back at break and write 100 words on it” he replied with a smirk. “What?! No way!” I replied. “Yes way. Now let me continue with my lesson” he answered and carried on teaching, I looked at Maisy and whispered “you’re a bitch” and she replied with “you're welcome” and smiled, I shook my head at her and carried on with my work.

At the end of the lesson everyone was going to break and I remained seated waiting for Mr. Styles to give me some paper and make me start writing, but instead he sat on the desk in front of me and spoke to me “so you think I’m sexy?” he asked me, I nodded my head embarrassed and he just smiled “but you’re a teacher…” I said “can I have some paper please? To do what you asked me to do.” I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear, “I wasn’t really going to make you do that, I just wanted to keep you back to wind you up” he replied with a smirk “thanks” I mumbled “can I go then please?” I asked and he nodded, I got up and walked to the door. “Oh and Lily!” he called and I turned back, “I need you to stay after school for revision, you're not doing too well in this subject” I nodded and left saying a small “thanks” as I walked to everyone else.

“So what happened?” Maisy asked with a smug look on her face “nothing, he let me go. I just have to go to revision apparently.” I said shrugging and sitting on the table “oh yeah same but for maths, but that doesn’t bother me” she said with a giggle and a wink.

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