Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


2. The Meeting

Guys guys! Settle down! I know its been hectic lately, but we have a solution.

"Hectic? WE HAVE TO BE IN 19 different states and we don't have our plane to get us around, and the vans are too crowded!" Louis frowns.

"Well what about the bus? We haven't used it because of the remodeling and it should be done soon!" These boys just demand things now! They need to know we have limits! We are managers for these guys and we know whats happening!

"Do you think we could handle-what weeks? Almost 2 months on the road with each other?" Harry says, "Hey you guys get along just fine! Plus you haven't hung out for a long while because you guys get separate rooms to be with your girlfriends!"

"Paul! Just talk to management we have to think about how much we would hurt so many fans if we didn't go perform just because we cant handle 2 months with each other...when WE ALL KNOW for a FACT that we could handle 50 years with each other and that we are just being lazy." Niall says.

Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry all agreed and i thanked Niall for getting them to agree to go on this road trip.

Sorry for the late meeting guys, but this was important to discuss over.

Also sorry for the late notice, but the bus will be here 9 am SHARP! So don't be late tomorrow morning we have to head out ASAP!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guys! Thanks for reading this story! I hope you guys already love it!

Comment and tell me what you think will happen!

Im so psyched for what I'm going to be putting up probably tomorrow!

Read my other story thats still a work in progress!

Not Just A Fan Anymore

Oh also comment who you think Nikki will fall for! Or who Nikki will have to pick?



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