Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


5. Should I?

I was driving down some weird named highway and i was pretty nervous to see Niall again, and meeting his other guy friends! Oh my goodness, i just still cant believe this. Its so cliche, like Im in a book meeting a famous guy or a movie!

I started looking for the arenas address and i also texted Niall saying what do i tell security so they believe me when i say I'm invited back stage.

"Hi, i was just wondering what i say to the body guards so they know I'm not just another fan."

"Yea, just say 'Niall's princess is here' to any guy in all black. They will let you in."

"Alright see you soon then. c'xx"


He is absolutely the sweetest thing he knows how to make you feel special and every girl wants a guy who can make you feel special.

I was about 2 blocks away and figured i should start looking for parking here, because knowing how big this band is, parking wouldn't just be right there.

After about 20 minutes i finally found a small parking spot i barely fit my car in but it was worth the struggle.

Anyways i got to the side of the building where some fans were waiting eagerly and i went to a big guy, and when i say big, i mean big and buff guy, and said "Niall's princess is here."

He laughed at me and i looked at him feeling my cheeks redden and he looks down at me and says "so your the girl he met at the gas station that he wont be quiet about? I can see why."

I blushed even more and he looked at me and said to follow him so i did. I go inside and he says to sit in a room with a couch and says "the concert should be finishing up in 20 minutes, so just wait here. If you need anything I'll be right outside and let me know."

"Alright thank yooooouuuuu???"

"Aaron, my name is Aaron."

"Alright thank you, Aaron, and if you don't mind me asking you look too young to be working as a body guard, how old are you?"

"Im 27 actually."

"Wow, that is still young. Did you graduate from college yet? Or?"

"Well, i kinda dropped out because the management saw how buff and handsome i was at the gym."

"Im not buyin' it."

"Hey thats not cool!"

"Haha! Sorry sorry, but still is that ENTIRELY truthful?"

"No, only the buff and handsome part was truthful, i was really at target."

"I love target."

After sitting with Aaron i found out a lot about him in just about 20-30 minutes till i started hearing a familiar voice i came here for. All of a sudden my stomach started turning and butterflies just started going everywhere and i stood up with Aaron and said bye to him. He was like an older role model and i respected him a lot, he was also really funny, like an older brother.

"Hey, its great seeing you!" Niall caught me off my thoughts and i was putting my hand in for a handshake when he wrapped his arms around me hugging me. It was cute how excited he looked when he saw me.

"Hey! Its great seeing you again too."

Harry wrapped his arms around me too and it felt nice, but i never thought about him like that, he is cute, but not in the 'i wanna be with him way' he looks TOO datable.

"So how was your drive up here?" Niall asked me, but before I could even answer he told me to be quiet and said to wait where I was which I hadn't moved from since i even got here, and the rest of the boys that I hadn't met in person yet came walking in the room.

Louis came in first followed by Zayn and last Liam.

"Hi im lo-"

"Louis. Yes, and your Zayn and you are Liam. Its really nice to meet all of you. I know most of your songs i wont lie, but im not going to pass out or anything. Aside from that im Nikki."

"Thats great cause once you started naming us, i thought you were going to scream. And nice to meet you Nikki." Louis said laying a hang upon his heart with a look of relief

"Yea nice to meet you Nikki." Zayn says.

"I like that name. Is it short for Nicole or something?" Liam asked.

"No, born named Nikki. Only Nikki."

"Well Nikki. We heard you came from Northern California right?" Liam asked. After motioning for us all to sit on the couches.

"Yea, it was quite a drive, but i made it safely. Which im glad cause after this im probably going to sleep."

"Oh what hotel are you staying at? We have ours just about 6 blocks down? Right lads?" Louis then asks me.

"Oh i-well-my house is my car? I have a Volkswagen and yea it may be old, but the back is my bed and kitchen."

"Wow, so you really are on a road trip." Niall looks at me and says.

"Well if your on a road trip we are traveling by bus all through United States, why don't you follow us in your car? If you get tired just have one of us be im your car driving while you sleep, we don't stop unless its for more food or gas, or a regular sized bathroom." Louis says with eyes of sympthay. "Oh and we stop at a hotel if we stay more than one night, you could stay in one of our rooms, or we can pay for your own."


"You made her speechless." Harry says, and he was right usually when im asked or told something crazy, i literally become speechless.

"Give her a second to think Louis! The color in her face and lips are even gone." Niall says looking worriedly at me.

"No no no dont worry im fine, thats just, I dont mean this for sympathy, but no one has ever seen me or even noticed my existence and its nice to see that you guys see me."

"Wow, I would think you where maybe like the most popular and loved girl in the school. Or your family like not even them?"

"I have a foster family, and i had no friends."

"You got us boo." Louis says grabbing my hand and Niall glares at him and says "yea, you got us princess!" And sends me a wink.

"But this is a big thing, i mean I'm not heading to a specific place, but should i?"

"Well why the hell not? We have fun when we travel by bus. Yea you wont be in the bus with us, but Niall will be with you in the car. Now we dont have to hear him blabber about you and know he is actually with you."

"I could always chill in the car with you too." Harry says.

"Yea. Maybe i will, i mean sounds like fun driving alone or not."

"Let us know by at least tomorrow afternoom because we leave tomorrow ni-" Louis was trying to say, but i interrupted "yea. Ill follow."

They all shout and freak out that i said yes and i freak out myself thinking im crazy, but what the hell right?

Should I have said yes? Well, now i get to know Niall better. And Harry?

He may have stayed quiet, but his smile and eyes same with Niall. I just know Niall better that i see him more attractive than harry.


Well, what do you think Nikki is thinking?

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