Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


8. Sharing Secrets Already


Right now, talking with Nikki, Ive heard things I never expected to hear from her mouth. She seems so sweet to have been through so much which shows how strong she is emotionally. I don't like Nikki, but i know Harry really does, and now we are waiting for the bus to be filled up to get back on the road, but while we wait and hear Harry  ask Nikki to ride next I pull Niall to the side. 

"Hey mate, what do you think of Nikki?"

"Why you asking?"

"Cause i can tell you along with Harry like her, just the way you doze off staring at her."

"Yea mate. I think she is an amazing girl, but i doubt i have a chance going up against my own lad, and i know that I won't fight over a girl and put the band in a bad position." 

"Wow, Harry and you like me?" We both turn and look and the window was open on the passengers side Harry was inside the gas station buying food, but Nikki was sitting listening and we didn't even notice. Niall just stared at me and his face was redder than a tomato and paler than a potato. 

"Im going to buy some food mate." I just awkwardly left that conversation to Nikki and Niall.

I went walking in to buy food, and spotted Harry grabbing him close. "Mate, Nikki knows you and Niall have a thing for her."

'WHAT? How'd she find out?! Do I go talk to her?"

"Niall is there you both should tai to her about it. Ride with Niall too. We won't be stopping till about 5-8 hours from now."

"Alright mate thanks."



She knows. She knows we have something towards her, but what is she thinking? Im nervous they are right outside and i see them talking, but about what? 

I start walking towards her car and Im nervous, what if she likes Niall more? 

"Harry? Is it true?" Before i even realized I was at her car, she already asked, but what do I say? I mean I won't pretend I don't know what she is talking about, I mean Niall looks normal, but shaken up. What happened while I was gone? " it true?"

"Yes, when i first saw you I thought to myself that you were the most beautiful girl, but usually beautiful girls turn to be ugly with their personalities at the end and i become hurt, but i met you and you were so sweet, and I-I knew tha-" 

"No, Im not i can't be looking for a relationship right now, I came out here to get over everything I've been through and it just, doesn't...I wouldn't know who to pick too. I mean look at you both, Niall, your just so funny, you have such an appetite and I love that cause I'm down to eat especially potatoes just like you, you bright blue eyes are gorgeous, and you just seem like an amazing guy. Harry you too, your so sweet, your goofy, and you make the ladies swoon which makes it harder on you for me to end up being with you because I know what it feels like to be cheated on, and Im not saying you'll cheat on me if we date, but thats not something I want to constantly have on the back of my mind, being famous alone makes me nervous, but knowing how you always get the ladies, just hurts but you seem like your an amazing guy, and you know romance which I love on guys." 

"Does this mean you like us?" I never thought I would be speechless, but Niall spoke for me, he was probably thinking exactly what I was thinking considering he just asked it. 

"I do. I met you both and i saw you guys more than being friends, but i can't obviously have both of you, but I don't know if I could pick one either. I just need to be alone. Im sorry. 

"Go on a date. With both of us." Niall wants her as bad as I do, and that shows we both are falling for her. 

"A date. With you two? Together or?" Did she just say that? 

"No, I mean no offense, but give us both a chance. Whoever you pick, you pick."

"I-I don't know guys. That would help, but i dont want fighting or anything like, not with just who i pick, but it could be the simplest date, don't let it be so fancy."

"Alright." Niall and Nikki look at me. I haven't said anything. 

"yea, that sounds fair." It did, but I'm jealous of Niall, he has more in common with her than i ever would, which scares me because I'm really falling for Nikki. 



Nikki had agreed to the date, but I was nervous for what I would do to win her heart, maybe take her to dinner, not a fancy place but not McDonalds's. Maybe a simple restaurant and something. Nikki has my heart already and i only met her a couple of days ago. It scares me that falling for her now, how much it could hurt me when and if she falls for Harry. 

Nikki was getting in her car because we had been at the gas station for about half an hour, just taking a standing break for fresh air too and everyone was getting into their cars and Nikki wanted to ride alone to think about everything that had happened in this short amount of time. 

Her window was open and I went to it before we took off just to share some words not putting down Harry because he is my mate. 

"Nikki, Harry is a good guy, and I think I am too. Don't feel obligated to pick now, get to know us first. Drive safely, don't get to distracted." 

"Niall, your both great guys. Its just my past that I'm scared will become my future. All over again." 

At this point she was balling I opened the door and just cradled her in my arms and texted Louis saying Id drive her because she needed to rest so I'd drive, I also told him to tell Harry if he wanted to come so he knew nothing was going to happen, but he said no. I drove while she slept in the back, after about an hour she woke up, and the sun was setting and we would hit the beach in about another hour or so, and we would stop and sleep at the hotel near the beach which is beautiful there. We won't be leaving till Wednesday night and its monday so maybe our date could be tomorrow. 

"Niall, why do you like me? I mean of all the girls, models even, but why me?"

"Your real." The second I said that she snapped her head at me. I just looked at her. From the road to her back and fourth until she said something that broke my heart. 

"My dad died, and my mom left me. Chris is a guy who cheated on me and bullied me, I was always bullied for being fake because I liked him who dated the most popular girl cheerleader and everything and she was my best friend until I played basketball and didn't do cheer, he played football so that made them the perfect couple. I got seriously hurt, and I turned 18 and left my foster family who barely noticed I existed. I dated Chris and caught him having sex with Danielle at his house when he said he was hungover from a party and I wanted to surprise him, but I ended up being hurt, and I never trusted guys again. Now that its been two years I started developing friendships again, and maybe Im ready to date. But not Harry, I feel he would hurt me, and I can't say your going to be perfect, but I mean we have more in common. I barely met you too." 

"Think about it, your comfortable now. Your sharing your secrets already." 







​Second chapter in one day! Are you proud of me? I am. Hope your enjoying my story as much as I am writing it. 

I love all you guys who read, comment, and even like it. Thank you so much for your support! 

I'll be keeping up with this as much as I can before school next month. I love you guys all again as I keep repeating that! 

Tell me what your thinking!

What do you think Nikki is thinking?

Or Harry? about the car ride of just Niall and Nikki?



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