Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


7. Meeting and Leaving


I finally arrived where I had been so excited to be, and i saw a whole bunch of screaming fans outside of the place the busses where with the boys waiting, where they stayed, and i parked my car about 2 blocks away to find a good parking close enough that I wouldn't be followed which was what I was told to do from Niall. 

To be honest I don't know why.

Anyways I was walking down and i had texted Niall that I was almost there and wanted to go in no problem, because there was a lot of people outside just wanting any glimpse they could get from any of the boys. 

Niall didn't text me back when i got there and it was 9:56 so I was pretty much right on time. Until I got stopped by the security guard who said I couldn't pass that point until I told him I was meeting the boys, and he just gave me the evilest look. 

"Well, isn't everyone else here. Stay behind this line or I will not hesitate to call the cops." I just looked up at him and looked down at my phone which I had received a message from Niall saying that he just told the manager who was coming out to pick me up at the gate with 4 guards, and to show this message to any guard who thinks I'm lying. So I did as I was told and showed the guard, he apologized and let me go meet the manager who brought me into a bus, with what felt like 40 guards, but where really just 3 really huge men. He sat me down, and started talking.

"I understand the boys asked and begged to have you come along with us for the rest of the tour, and we certainly don't mind it, but we do mind the boys privacy, the boys location privacy specifically. Do you understand?" 

"Yea, that makes total sense, i mean i wouldn't always want people screaming at me, 24/7 like give me my time, and just let me be. right?" i reply really nervous, when Louis walks in the bus which calms my nerves a bunch. He turns back around looking like he is about to leave and shouts "BOYS SHE IS HERE!!!" After that I was attacked by Zayn, Louis, and Liam, when Niall walked in, then Harry, and they both just had this eagerness, plus nervousness plastered on their faces. It was cute. 

I stood up after Louis, Zayn, and Liam gave me tight hugs, which I'm guessing the boys really like me. Not in that way, but they must think I'm pretty awesome, or something. I hope.

As I walked up to Niall and Harry to give each one a hug, my heart was pounding, my stomach had butterflies all over the place, my hands were clammy, and I was freaking out, and I had just seen them last night, and barely met them a couple of days ago, but I really feel something with these too. Total opposites, yet both so amazing. 

I gave a hug to harry first and his big hands wrapped around my waist picking me up off the floor giving me a tight squeeze, putting me down and i had left my hands on his shoulders, while he left his on my waits. He looked down at me with his green eyes "hey." thats it. Hey...I just said hi. 

While Niall was staring and the boys too, making whistle noises, and I let go, gave Niall a hug wrapping my arms around his neck like I did with Harry except, he surprises me, by picking me up and spinning me around two times, then setting me down. When he put me down we just stared into each others eyes, and after that with both boys, I knew I was falling. I knew it wouldn't be good, but I just couldn't help it. 

"Well, Nikki you should know that if anything happens while coming along with us on this tour, getting a broken arm, or followed by paparazzi you can't sue us, but you can still have our word there will be security guards with you, when at big events." The manger says. All the boys turn their heads toward me, waiting for my response. 

"Well, i don't have that kind of money, but i will trust that ill be fine, while I'm here with you guys." 

all the boys smile, but I only really ever noticed Niall and Harry's. They are just so beautiful. 

But I don't really think anything would happen. 


​"I can't do this! Im tired of being hurt! I can't believe this at all I trusted you."

"Well, does it look like I give any shit about you? Obviously you mean nothing to me." He says.

"If I meant nothing why are you still with me? I've done so much, and I've been through so much too, yet your always putting me down. Now you cheat on me? Im not going to do this anymore!"

"Fine leave. I have this girl right here who gives me what i want so leave."

I slammed the door and left, I couldn't believe he cheated on me, and i gave him so much. Luckily not my virginity. But still that doesn't give him any of the right to hurt me. I just couldn't believe this, because he was always there telling me I was beautiful and he would never hurt me, but after a couple months he started putting me down, and now he is with this girl, she was so beautiful, no wonder. 

​After that day, i couldn't trust guys and that the reason I planned on leaving my foster family to just drive far away anywhere. 

"Nikki, listen to me!" "No way she's in a coma" "She just passed out. Get water!" 

I kept hearing voices and woke up with blurry eyes, but could see i was being surrounded by people.

"She's waking up!" Harry shouts, I'm guessing to the boys because I saw them all fidgeting while I sat up drinking the water handed to me. 

"I am up, but what the heck happened?"

"Well, you just passed out, and Niall put you on the couch, we had to get going so one of our American guards is driving your car, because none of us can drive on the right side of the road."Harry sounded annoyed telling me that Niall put me on the couch, but does that mean anything. The last thing I strictly remember are the hugs the boys gave me.

"Im so glad your okay!" Niall says sitting next to me. "Well, who's Chris?" He adds on. 

"How do you know Chris?" My heart started pounding and I started drinking my water continuously to avoid this topic of conversation. 

"You kept mumbling that name, is he your boyfriend?" Harry just blurts out. Which makes my heart hurt and I almost want to cry with every painful memory of him. Especially him cheating.

"No, actually, but I'd like to drive my car. Is there anyway we could switch real quick?"

"OH! Can I ride first with you?" Louis comes by and squeezes between Niall and I which makes both Niall and Harry look at each other annoyed then at Louis angrily, but he seems really nice like a brother so Im going to let him ride with me first.

"Sure, thats fine, but I have a mess in my car." 


We switch cars and I get in fix my mirrors put my music, and role my windows down, because its nice weather. 

Im singing along to the song Chocolate, by the 1975, and Louis shuts it off in the middle of the chorus and I just stare at him. "What was that for?"

"Couldn't hear you that well, but from what i heard you sing well."

"Thanks, you boys too."

"Thank you, but i didn't ride first to compliment you, and receive them back. You like Niall and Harry. But who is Chris?" I completely turn off the music, and role my window up because I feel Louis is like a brother already, even with the little conversations we have had.

"You can't share this."


"Well, he cheated on me. With my best friend. Danielle. I had a long past with him. I've had a pretty shitty life, and I walked in on them having sex. I don't have much trust for parents, boys, and most of all girls. I never really was much of the one to be out with everyone after a certain pony in my life." 

"I would have never guessed you have been through so much, you seem to have a nice simple life, but full of happiness, your always smiling and I've known you for like three days, but still I wouldn't have guess that."

"Ive been through more than you think."

"Well what about the boys then, you can't hide your blushing cheeks, and how you light up with both of them."

"Um, no I-I don't think anything could or would happen, yes i kinda like them, but nothing will happen that I see.

"You don't know that, I haven't talked to Niall, but I did talk to Harry, he wants to ask you out. Im scared what Niall will say, because Harry usually gets the girls."

"That exactly why I'd pick Niall."

"Why? Harry is a good guy."

"I know, but from what Ive been through, I can see Harry being that guy, I don't think he knows what he wants."

"He has some problems figuring it out, but the way he talked about you ,wasn't like he talked about the other girls he has dated. Ill see with Niall though." 

"Louis, dont. I don't think I could have the pressure to pick."

"I will, no matter what you say." Louis had a plan, and I think he wants me to pick one of them. It just doesn't seem like I can yet. Its not my time. Its been two years since it happened. My heart started raising.

"OH!!! The bus needs gas pull in here!!!!" 

"Okay, okay!"


My heart nearly stopped when I got out the car and saw Niall and Louis already talking and Harry at my door. 

I was nervous after he asked to ride next with me, which I didn't turn him down because why would I?






Hey everybody! 

I got you guys a long chapter!!!

​Im trying so hard to make this story amazing. Please comment and tell me what you think!

Im excited for what this story will have next chapter!!! 


hope you like it!

xoxo ~A

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