Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


3. Gas Station

I needed to stop for some things and use the restroom. There was a rest stop about 5 miles down, but i really had to go and rest stops just annoy me. I dont really know of that makes any sense.

As im locking my car i notice that its already 2pm and i wasnt where i thought i would reach yet, but i was about 36 miles from there. Which means i wont be stopping till around midnight or after maybe before, so i figured to stop again soon for some coffee.

I go ask the guy working at the gas station for the

keys to the restroom and he said to get it from the guy who was already on there and bring them back to him. I was cool with that so i left seeing that out back was a huge fancy bus.

I figured some band was here and i got kind of excited considering music is my absolute life.

As i wait outside i hear a voice from the bus shout "IS HE DONE YET? NIALL PUSH IT OUT AND LETS GET GOING MAN!"

I couldn't help but laugh and when the man came out of the bathroom bumping into me he grabs my arms and says "please don't scream! Ill sign a page and take a picture just dont scream!"

I pulled away from his grasp "im not a huge fan, but i know who you are. Dont worry i wont scream, but if i could have the key to do my thing in the bathroom, that would be lovely." I have him a smile sarcastically and i actually do like one directions music but i wasnt crazy about them anymore only because they seem like fame really got to them expect Louis and Zayn.

"Sorry, its just usually girls scream, one and two, you were looking at the bus and took a deep breathe when i came out."

I laughed and said, "well because one of your lads said to push it out and let's go so i was laughing at that. I wasnt going to scream."

I grabbed the key and was going in but Niall asked me something i would never think a random stranger would ask someone.

" why are you out here alone? Are you a run away?"

"Wow, so you see a girl outside a bathroom thinking immediately that she is a runaway?"

"Well you look 16 and on your own."

"Im 18 and my car is over there, im on a road trip."


"Excuse me?" I couldn't believe all these questions and usually i wouldn't answer to a random person, but i knew his name and he seemed genuinely interested.

"I meant is your boyfriend in the car or something? On this road trip with you?"

"No, im on my own."

"Out and about on yo-"

"Niall whats taki- oh i see you met a beautiful young lady."

"Thanks, but im guessing you have to get going. It was really nice meeting you Niall and nice to see you Harry Styles."

"Hey wait whats your name? I never got it along with your number." Niall says. Which was clever i guess.

"Haha okay? My number is 123-456-7891 and my name is Nikki." I cant believe now that i gave my number to Niall.

"Dude, why would you give your number to a girl you don't know! She could share it on the internet or something!"

"Actually i wouldn't do that 1) because thats an invasion of privacy for him and 2) i dont have a laptop in my house or computer all i got is my phone."

"Where do you live?"

"I already told you my car is over there."

Harry and Niall looked at each other on confusion, looked at my car, and then at me saying the same thing at once, "You live in your car?"


"Where are you headed?"

"Any where. I just love the traveling, but once i hit 3,000 dollars i stop and rent a place nearby and get a job to raise money again. But i wont be stopping for a while."

Harry asks me why and i ponder at that question and see if i should answer that truthfully or not.

"Well, i turned 18 and i just wanted to leave my family and all those memories there and move on for my own good."

"Well, thats deep. We should get going Niall. He will text you and so will i probably. Just let us know when your driving so we don't have you texting at the same time."

"Well alright. Nice meeting you guys, good luck tonight in Portland, Oregon." I smiled and went into the restroom receiving a text already.

"Thanks princess. c'xx -Niall"


Hey guys.

Hope your enjoying this movella.

Im taking my time on this and making each chapter worth the read for you guys.

15 like and 10 comments. I'll keep going.

:) xoxo -A

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