Road Trip

I just wanted to get away from everything. Im finally 18 anyways, just away from my foster family, away from bullies, away from everyone who didn't even appreciate or notice me.

All i ever do now. . .is take the road to wherever it leads me.

Maybe I'll find something worth stopping my drive.


9. Drama Seen Coming. (part 1 of 2)




A lot has happened and in such a short amount of time too. I'm extremely nervous because I talked to the boys together last week at the beach when we stopped the night Niall was driving and I somewhat just poured my heart out, and established that I was okay with both of them trying to woo me. On separate dates. Tonight was Harry. Tomorrow night is Niall. 

We got a hotel last night because they had a concert here in the Big Apple, aka New York. It was a lot of fun, i pitched in for my own room, because I don't want to be spoiled. I woke up and they served us complimentary breakfast to our rooms which was really cool. 

As I'm eating my pancakes, scrolling through twitter noticing I have a lot of followers and comments on my pictures saying I was pretty or ugly and annoying which doesn't phase me because I'm total used to that from school. Even home. 

I finish eating and hit the shower, shave, and all that. I come out forgetting my towel as usual, and someone is pounding on the door. I wrap myself in the towel and open the door just popping my head out and Zayn, Liam, and Louis barge in scaring my poor little self. 

"WE THOUGHT SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU!" They all pretty much start screaming at me. 

"Why would you think that?" Louis comes at my face in the lowest voice, and says "Because we saw on our twitters that people were going crazy that you have dates with Harry and Niall, and other stuff and you weren't answering your door but you were just in the shower."

"Yea, i saw it. Don't worry Im used to hate from school and stuff."I never had people care so much about me they sincerely were worried and it made me feel really cared for and showed me that I do have true friends, and we all have gotten closer this past week. Me Zayn, Liam, and Louis are like brother and sister. I poured my heart and soul to them which is why they must've come into my room freaking out. 

"Well, we are glad your alright. Niall and Harry have been never shutting their holes on their face about their dates with you. Oh, and tomorrow morning we already have your ticket so you can't say no, but we are flying to London, and staying for a couple weeks for some shoots and interviews."


"OH MY GOSH YESSS!" Louis loves mimicking me whenever i freak out so I just gave him my look of *really*. So he would know that ill get him back. Those are the signs.

"Ive always wanted to go there! I love accents and such it seems so beautiful there and I've only seen pictures."

I started grabbing my clothes seeing that it hit me all I had on was a towel. 

"Ill be right back."

I grabbed my black jeans and gray V neck T-shirt and Converse and obviously my under garments and left my hair to air dry. It was by now around 9 am. I can be an early bird. My make up was simple. Mascara, blush, chapstick. Usually everyday look. I came back out, and saw the boys watching a soccer game, and just said id be back later, the second i open the door I got hit right on the nose by Harry who was just about to knock.

"Oh my gosh! Im so sorry, are you alright?" I wast grabbing my face from pain I was laughing really hard on the floor, but I probably sounded like I was crying, and the boys sitting on the couch were laughing at Harry because he was trying to be smooth about it.

"Im fine, I was just laughing! Now help me back up on my feet."

The minute his had grabbed mine it felt right, my little hand in his felt right, and it felt like it was only us in the room. I hadn't realized that when we got up I didn't let go. "Um. I was-uh-going to ask...if you wanna have lunch right now? Just hang the rest of the day? Unless your going out."

"Sure, I was going to you and Niall's room, but if you want lets go."

"Alright lets hit it. Not like I mean lets-hit-like-uh."

"Harry, calm down I get it."

"Alright. You just make me nervous."

"Oh my goodness, lets go."

"Lets bring Niall." I think he wants to seem nice, but doesn't want him to come. 

"He isn't doing anything, and our date is tonight."

It is barely 9:30 so technically its breakfast I don't know why, he said lunch. 

"Yea, thats fine."

"Alright, ill get the car ready and you get Niall."

I just nodded my head, and went down the hall a bit, knocked on his door.

To be honest I was really anxious to see him. And the second he opened his door, he just woke up because he was squinting and wearing his boxers only with messy hair, which was the sexiest thing I had ever witnessed in my life.

"Hey, wha- OH SHIT!"

I literally couldn't say anything because I just wanted to tackle him and say how sexy he looked right now, but I would never do that.

"Its okay, but Harry and I wanted to invite you to go out to eat breakfast, but he thinks its already luck for some reason."

"Uh- yea. Let me get ready, Ill meet you guys downstairs in 10, that okay?"

"Totally, ill see you then."

Okay, bye." 



I turned back on my heel, and walked down to the elevator to go downstairs to meet Harry. I also couldn't stop smiling at what I had just witnessed. I definitely wouldn't mind waking up next to that every morning. Im glad Harry told me to go to his room, and invite him. I also wonder how Harry must look when he first wakes up. I hear he likes to sleep naked or something? I can't remember I was never big on finding information on the boys, just the music. 

"Hey, Niall said he would be down in 10."

"Alright, Ill tell them to leave my car ready on the side, so we can wait in the lobby."

As I'm waiting on the sofa I get a call from my Foster mom. I answer it surprised she even has my number.

"Hi honey, can you babysit tonight?" 

"Im not even in California. No."

"What are you doing out of state?" 

"Oh my gosh! I left like a week and a half ago, for my birthday. Im surprised you even have my number, you can delete it because Im free from that hell hole you call home, I was never noticed in that house, why did you even foster 6 kids? You barely pay attention to 1. I said bye, you barely cried."

"Who is this? Sorry I was paying for my coffee."


I shouldn't even had said bye, like why does she bother. I rant to her all I want I could curse her with having no tongue and she wouldn't even listen. It bothers me. 

"hey, you alright?" I never noticed Harry got back, but I blew off the question and just asked if Niall was coming down yet.

I wonder what he had thought happened. I wonder what he thinks of me in general. Its crazy how my mind transitions from thinking about negativity to one of the beautiful boys.


"Guys! Lets hit the road! Im starving!"Niall pretty much shouts to the whole hotel. Its now almost 10:30 and Niall didn't take 10 minutes. 

We all hopped in Harry's car me sitting in the back, and on the radio they start playing Ed Sheeran's song called Sing, which is pretty much my favorite and I take my seat belt off barging to the front of the car putting the song on full volume, and start freaking out over this song, noticing that I nearly gave both the boys a heart attack cause this all happened in one smooth movement.

As Im singing Harry shuts the song off. "Our ears were hurting, why don't you just sing it?"

"Ha. Ha. Nice try. You boys will not hear me sing just yet."

For the past week, all the boys have been wanting to hear me sing, and Im not bragging but I know I can sing because I used to work singing at a coffee shop with my guitar, and all the people who sang there when I wasn't on duty, helped me have a strong voice, now they all have professional jobs singing around. I'd get cards from people to go to their restaurants, but wouldn't get in because I was underage. 

I just don't want the boys hearing me yet, because they sing for a living, but Ive always been judged and I know I don't sing good enough on their level. So just not yet.

"We're here!"

We get out the car start walking in paparazzi asking questions of who's dating who, and how long, but we just walk past and Harry asks for a table for 4?

"Harry we are 3 people."

"No, I brought someone for Niall. I'm sure he missed her so I invited her when I heard she was in New York."

Niall looked at him with a mean expression after we sat down and so on. 

"So, whats her name then? Who is she? A family friend? Cousin? Model? Singer? Whats she look like?" The questions just kept on coming, I couldn't stop. I already was jealous of the girl cause she had more of a background with Niall than I did, and I wanted him to myself. 

Waaait. Did I just say that? No, I meant that as a friend. I don't want him, do i? If it was Harry would I be jealous of the girl too? I just confused myself.

"NIALL!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS HANDSOME!!!! How are you? Harry babe who's this? Finally get a girl to keep? Oh my gosh Im so jelly! Oh my, Niall booboo! I missed you!"

Harry just had this grin on his face while Niall looked so annoyed!

"Hi, Im Amelia. Whats your name?"

"Nikki." I just stared at her hand and gave it one shake, I didn't like this chick, and when I don't like someone which rarely happens, I show them I don't like them. She was too much. Harry had planned something that I was not okay with. I might cancel the date with him tonight because of this *slick move*

"Sweetie a handshake is more than one little shake."

"I shook your hand once, take it or leave it."

"Alright Ill take it."

"Wasn't asking. It was rhetorical."

Both boys new I was bothered by her, and Niall was trying not to laugh, while Harry knew he messed up. 

"Harry, she is fist, I see why you picked her." Amelia says 

"We aren't dating, but I do like Niall and Harry."

"Niall, was mine, but he wasn't my type, but what I hear is he changed, right booboo?"

"He isn't an injury, his name is Niall."

"Well, thats my nickname for him, like Harry's is babe, yours now isn't sweetie, its shut the fuck up bitch."

That teared it. 

"Why don't you take your fake triangular boobs outside."

"Why don't you make me."

"Im not going to fight you. Your not worth my time." She just wanted me to tackle her down like its the super bowl. She didn't know what I was capable of. Chris was a football player, and when we dated we worked out together, and I practiced saturdays with him tackling each other which turned to kissing, but aside from that he taught me tackle moves from football, and I still remember.

She got up normally. "Im going to the bathroom."

A couple minutes later, my hair was pulled down onto the ground and no body pulls my hair.


No body. 




"Nikki! Get off her! She isn't even fighting you anymore! She's knocked out!" Niall, is trying to help me pull Nikki off Amelia, and being honest I regret inviting her. I was just trying to get him to date another girl so I could have Nikki. Now she probably hates me. 

"Alright, Alright Im off!"Nikki says standing up. 

"Put your hands on your head." A police officer and security guard are standing putting Nikki in handcuffs, and now Niall is furious with me because this is my fault Nikki is getting arrested.

"Wait sir, um. Where can we pick her up, and how much is bail?" Niall asks concerned.

I go tell valet to get my car, and wait for Niall to come out with the information while I see Nikki being driven away in a cop car, for my fault. This wouldn't have happened and now, Im hearing it from Niall. 


"I kno-" 


"I know. Okay? I know I just meet up big, but lets just go in she is probably waiting.



"Your lucky her bail is set for $500 because for how the other girl ended up, this could be court dates, but she didn't start the fight." Officer Johnson says, and Im glad Niall was willing to pitch in because he also stated in the car, how since it was my fault, it was going to be my money, but he only paid because i was going to pay back, and because he wanted to see Nikki. 

"She is getting a physical from a doctor, just in case, but from what i see already, its just cuts and bruises. The girl who was picked up by the hospital is in stable condition, and is sentenced to 2 weeks jail time."

"Alright thanks."

Niall and I wait seated for Nikki to come back out, and Niall won't even look at me. About 3 minutes later which felt like hours because I just wanted to see if she was okay, Nikki comes out just walking past us straight outside stopping at the stairway. It was now noon, and also known as the time I was going to be dying. 

"Are you okay?" Niall asks for the thousandth time, she hasn't even looked at us the whole car way, she sat in the back with her head down, and an ice pack on her head, but hasn't looked up. Her long brown hair was covering her face, and as soon as I parked the car, she shot right out, not even bothering to close her door.

Niall and I get upstairs, and we go straight to her room, but we see Louis standing at the door. Like a guard. I try to walk past him after Niall, but he pushes me out and grabs my arm to my room. Closes the door and walks back, I'm guessing to Nikki's room. All the boys are in there probably hearing everything that happened, hating on me. I seriously meet up, and all I wanted was to be with Nikki. So much has happened. I just screwed up big time. What have I done? Our date was definitely cancelled, but I was still going to knock on her door at 6:30 when I said Id pick her up. Maybe she would give me another chance? I just wanted to know what she was thinking of me now? How much she must hate me. 

So i texted her. "Give me a chance to explain tonight on our date?"



*Text Message Received.*

"Give me a chance to explain tonight on our date?"

"Oh my goose he didn't just text me this!"

All the boys grab my phone and Liam reads it out for the rest of the boys to hear while they read it in their heads, they all were upset with Harry today, and now he just added to their fuel. 

"Say, hell to the no!" Louis says, and pretty much all the boys agree. 

"I will. I don't have to talk, but ill hear him out, and Im not going to just let drama continue while Ill be with you guys. You guys are going to hear him out too. Right now in fact, AND if you try leaving, interrupt him, and or physically harm him, I will not speak to you at all. Got it?"

"Are you serious? We can't even slap him 5 times each to knock some sense into him for inviting her?" Niall pretty much says without any ounce of forgiveness. 

"Im upset with him yes, but there is a side to every story. Now we will hear his side, and why he invited her, it isn't even his fault. Im the one who sassed her, and Im the one who fought her. He didn't know she would start a fight, and Id get arrested. Okay boys? Now ill be right back, and I'm going to bring him over here, and we will all listen. Got it?"

"Yes" They all say sounding like they are all dying, or are in the most boring historical lesson of their lives. It was funny, but I knew that it would turn out okay. It wasn't a big deal with what happened. Amelia started it, Harry just wanted Niall to be with her, what happened wasn't any part of the intentions that he had. 

I arrived at his door and gave 2 little knocks, and a beat down looking Harry answered the door.






Do you like Amelia? 

What do you think will happen? 

I dont wanna spoil anything, but i think its obvi that someone will forgive someone, but will Niall forgive Harry? 

Do you think the date is still on? Where is Harry going to take her IF they do go on the date?

hmmmm. GUYS keep commenting! I wanna know what your thinking! i wanna get to talk to you guys too! See what your ideas are?!











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