Pirate Assassin Interrogation

What would you ask Movella's best (and only) Pirate Assassin? (Cover by the awesome Secrets Unfold)


3. Rodrigo

1: If someone asked you to describe a wristwatch as deeply and intricately and weirdly and as a concept rather than a thing, and asked you to say what a watch really STOOD for, what it meant, what its beliefs and values were, how would you reply? :P

Respond to the request or to the person? This is how I would respond to the person: 
O_O Dude, that is deep. Will you give me a few days to, like, write a thesis on that or something?
To the request:
A face always impassive, three hands that move in different paces, twelve numbers - that sit upon one's wrist. This is a wristwatch. Many would say that a wristwatch represents time, that were carry around time on our arms. Such arrogance. Time itself is a thing that is dictated to us. Why, for instance, do we have 24 hours to a day instead of 12? Why are there only 60 seconds to a minute? Why has it never changed - as with the imperial system to the metric system; yards into meters, pounds into grams, ounces into litres? A watch, a clock, is not representative of time but of structure and order. It is a pedantic that perhaps no-one has deigned to disagree with. You've stumped me on "beliefs and values" though... It's an inanimate thing. It has no belief/value system.

2: Would you rather: a) Be a fish. b) Fish a bee. c) A fish bee .

To bee a fish or fish a bee. 
I'd bee a fish, but a fish cannot fly, 
Not lyke a bee.
Wi' wyngs so free and clear eyes to see -
And a sense to set a hyve in any tree o' its fancy. 
But no bee lyves beeneath the sea, so I cannot fish a bee where no bee can bee - 
Unless t'were to die. 
And if t'were to die, 
Rather I 
Bee a lyving fish than a bee in the sea that can no longer bee counted among the lyving. 
So if not to fish a bee from the sea,
Aye, then: 
Rather I a fish bee.

3: What is your favourite punctuation and why?

My favourite punctuation mark... This: ~. I don't actually know what its called, but I tend to use it in chapter titles and in seperation of thought. It just makes things presentable, I think.

4: If you HAD to shout "OMG 1 DIRECTION ARE GOING TO EAT ME BECAUSE THEY DISCOVERED THE MIRACLE OF SOY SAUCE HAAALP!!!!!" at some point, IN PUBLIC, as loud as you can, when would you shout it?

Ooh, I know - at like 4am in the middle of Trafalgar Square when all the incoherent, drunk and high people are roaming around.

5: What is your favourite animal that isn't a "Black-crowned Central American Squirrel Monkey"?

I do NOT know what that was a reference to xD But it depends. If were talking non-extinct - a Raptor (love dinosaurs). If were talking mythological, a Griffin. If talking average wild animals, I have a serious obsession with wolves. If were talking high-class domestic, its horses. If were talking regular pets, I love lizards. 

6: If you HAD to answer either yes or no to this question, would you answer no?

Well, you haven't given me much of a choice, now have you? Luckily, 'if' negates necessity - so I'm going to go with: perhaps.

7: How would you explain the following:

I would say a techno-savvy fish has a major crush on you, Rod.

8: Have you ever noticed that the number 8 looks like the goggles of an INTERNATION SPY WOAAAAAAAH?

International spies wear goggles now? XD Cannot imagine James Bond in goggles...

9: What question should I ask for number 10??

Whatever your heart desires, dear. It seems you've only got one question left, so perhaps you can give this a look-over and decide :D

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