Pirate Assassin Interrogation

What would you ask Movella's best (and only) Pirate Assassin? (Cover by the awesome Secrets Unfold)


14. Crown of Shadownight (2)

6 - What do you think about animal cruelty and how would YOU go about trying to make it stop?

It depends. People have different views on what animal cruelty is.
Some go so far as to say that animals shouldn't be eaten as food. I, for one, am opposed to that view. We have a fairly diverse set of teeth, a two-part intestine that allow us to ingest both veg and non-veg foods. What's more is that if people stop eating meat, the chicken, cow, goat (whatever else have you) would increase rapidly. Currently, we have problems with people population, right? There are twice as many chickens on the planet than there are people now. If we stop eating them, for example, we'll have an over-population of them. By extension, we'll also have an under-population of plant foods - if we and all the additional animals are eating them.
That dynamic don't look too good.
I could go on, but I don't want to lecture and I think you've got the gist of what I'm trying to say. So long as they're slaughtered properly, I think it's okay to eat meat. For example, I don't agree with boiling lobsters alive. Kill it, put it out of its misery before you cook it, goddammit. Presentation isn't THAT important.

What I disagree with is animal testing in make-up and even medicine, testing nuclear weapons in the oceans, over-loading them (donkeys, mules, horses, etc), under-feeding them, even caging them up. I mean, its all well and good to have a nice day at the zoo - but by placing them behind a glass screen, you're taking them out of their natural habitat and denaturing them. To such an extent that maybe if you set them loose in the wild again, they wouldn't know how to fend for themselves. It's a kind of psychological torture. I mean, just imagine you were taken from your home and placed in a glass cell where a bunch of aliens point and laugh at you - while keepers throw some ready-made meals at you, give you baths and clean up your mess. And these aliens watch as you eat, you poop, you cry and (I'm sorry, but it has to be said) you mate. It's traumatising.
I suppose those animals that are endangered, though, like Bengal Tigers and such, should be enclosed to protect them. But in a way that doesn't make them dependent and doesn't freak them out. Buy a piece of land and make an enclosure, give them live game to hunt, put other animals that they'll come across in their natural habitat.
That sort of thing.

What would I do to stop it? How many of you agree with anything I've said? I don't suppose many of you.
Such things need campaigning, resources and time. I mean, there are a lot of charities that protect wildlife from poachers and that, but poachers aren't the biggest problem. What's more is that these poachers hunt for medicinal properties in animal bones as much as they do fur or anything else. Personally, if we start anywhere, we should start at home - the unfair testing needs to stop first. I don't agree with growing an ear on a mouse's back. I don't agree with mutating fruit flies - simply in the name of science. And, for God's sake, I do not agree with making garments out of animal flesh!
I mean, why campaign elsewhere when we allow crazy people to do crazy things like that?

7 - If you could chose ONE actor/actress to play you in a film who would it be and why.

That's cake xD. Russell Crowe (Javert from Les Miserables, Maximus from Gladiator). From what I've read about him, we're quite similar in personality. The way he walks, talks. Short-tempered and passionate xD. Granted, he's a guy and like twenty/thirty years older than me xD. I can't think of too many actresses that would fit as me.

8 - If you could live in ONE book which would book would you live in?

Live in a book... I would live in Alice in Wonderland, I think. XD. Sip tea with the Mad Hatter 'til the end of Time.

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