Pirate Assassin Interrogation

What would you ask Movella's best (and only) Pirate Assassin? (Cover by the awesome Secrets Unfold)


1. Explanation

Guess what guys? Movella's best (and probably only) pirate assassin has reached 300 fans!! Yes, yes, go ahead and celebrate. 

So, the thing is, Aunt Midnight Rogue has decided that upon reaching such a number, she would allow herself to be interrogated by all her dear fans who are now invited to ask her whatever questions they so wish.

However, she has given a few ground rules that must be followed...


1. Can't ask about personal details.
2. Can't be offensive and. Questions must be kept PG 
3. Each person is allowed to ask a maximum of ten questions.


So then...

Let the humiliation commence!


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