My Thoughts

Here are my story ideas! Don't steal or I'll track you down.


1. "Water Tank" Idea 1

The water reached my face. It was cold, freezing... I raised my hand to the top of the tank, the water was slowly increasing bit by bit. I go underwater and bang at the glass. 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits, 4 hits. 5! The glass broke, as I get out my legs and  feet are covered in blood and water.

"Good job!" The voice on the intercom told me, "When can I go home!" I yelled, but it was no use... "Nero,come!" A solider yelled and then grabbed me and took me to my room. "Nero? You need a medic?" The solider asked me, "What? Oh no, I don't need one..." I responded.

I went to go sit on my bed when I noticed a letter on my bed, as I open I see that it's from Kari..

Dear Nero,

I miss you, without you it's hard to hide my secret, escape soon...



{Tell me if any of this is good!}

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