One Direction Prefernces

One Direction preferences and imagines


3. Zayn and India (personal) You make him think you forgot his birthday

Zayns P.O.V.

I wake up and roll over expecting to see my beautiful girlfriend India, but I only find a note.

                   Went to the store, be back soon love you


The first thing that went through my mind is that she forgot my she wouldn't do that. I walked downstairs checking my phone to see if I had any messages from her. Nothing but a ton of tweets from the fans. Just then she walked through the door. "Hey babe sleep well?" she said with a smile. "Yeah what did you go to the store for and where is everything?" I asked. "I went to get stuff for breakfast and it is in the car." "Oh okay I will go get it." I was debating on if I should ask if she forgot or seeing if she was messing with me. I went and got the stuff.

Indias P.O.V.

I quickly pulled the present that I had gotten for Zayn with the boys. It was a new T- Shirt that was a plain black v neck and a new pair of jeans. I didn't really know what to get him so I had the boys help me. I hid them and ran back downstairs as he was walking in. The boys should be calling around noon to get him out of the house. "Anything else for today?" he asked "Ummmmm...... no i dont think there is. Why?" "Just wondering." "Okay?" "Do you want any help with breakfast?" "No I have it." I answered. "Okay well I guess I will go watch T.V." he answered then walked into the living room. I made breakfast then when 12:00 rolled around Zayn left and the things for the party was dropped off. That was my cue.

Zayns P.O.V. 

Well at least the boys remembered my birthday. They are taking me to get some lunch then go to see a movie. "So what did India get you for your birthday?" Harry asked. "Nothing not even a happy birthday." "Really?" Louis pretty much yelled in my ear. "Yeah but can we forget about it and have a good time" I say. "Yeah" They chorus. By the end of the night I had no texts or anything from India so I was pretty sure she had forgotten. I was upset at her but I was going to give her one last chance. When I walked in the house all the lights were off and it was dead silent. When I turned on the lights there was a bunch of streamers and yelling. "Happy birthday baby!" India yelled. I had an amazing time and felt bad that I thought she forgot. I later found that the boys helped with the planning. I love them all very much.

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