One Direction Prefernces

One Direction preferences and imagines


1. Preference #1 How you meet

Niall: You loved football (soccer) so when you had the chance to go to a game you were excited. When you got there you found your seat and sat down, as soon as the game started you were cheering and booing. By the time the game ended you had lost your voice. You also noticed about halfway through the game that Niall Horan was sitting next to you. He had on a disguise but his voice was unmistakable being a dirctioner yourself. As you were walking out of the stands you felt a hand on your shoulder, turning around quickly you see Niall in his silly disguise. "Will you come and get a bite to eat with me?". You nodded your head and followed him out to the parking lot. "Where would you like to go?" he asked. " get pizza." "Okay maybe Pizza Place?" (that is just a really good place to get pizza where I am from you can make it any where you want.) "Yeah that sounds really good, meet you there." You both got in your cars and made your way there. You had an amazing time that consisted of Niall making fun of your inability to talk at the moment, learning names, and getting phone numbers.

Harry: You and your friends were going to stay in the family beach house for a week, once you had made sure you had everything you were on your way. While in the car you heard that One Direction was going to the same beach. You mentally groaned thinking that a lot of fans and paparazzi were going to be swarming the place. You were happy to find that when you got there you had to own or be renting a house to stay as it was a private beach. You quickly get to the house and unpack your stuff then head off to tan. You guys get to where you want and lay down, but it wasn't long before you were trampled by none other than Louis Tommlinson. "I am so sorry I didn't mean too I was only trying to catch the Frisbee and I didn't see you there!"
You laughed and said "Its okay I have ran over a few people too." He smiled at you then went to go back to where they were passing the Frisbee. "Lou what is taking so long?" Harry said walking back to where his friend was. "Oh... I thought we were the only people on the beach." He said. "Well people that own or rented beach houses before about 2 weeks ago can come and go at any time they please." you stated. "Well looks like we have more people to hang out with. Lads!" he yelled. They all come rushing over and was asking your friends questions. "What is your name?" Liam finally asked "Um. Y/N." "Okay well would you mind hanging out?" "No that would be lovely." You, your friends and the boys hang out and you and Harry find that you get along really well and end up getting together.

Zayn: You were working a late shift at the local restaurant. You were getting ready to close down the place when you heard the bell on the door ring. "We are closing you will have to come back tomorrow!" you shouted from where you were finishing up sweeping the floor. "Dang it." "Sorry." When you stood up you see Zayn Malik standing by the door. "Well looks like I will have to find somewhere else to eat." He said trying to get you to make him something. "Yeah have fun with that, I think there is a McDonalds down the road but right now I am done so would you please exit the building so I can lock it up." He looked at you stunned but followed instructions. "Would you like to come and get some food with me?" he asked. "Why? was just rude to you." "No you were not rude to me Y/N you treated me like an actual person and I like that." You were a little scared at first on how he knew your name but quickly remembered that you had on your name tag. "Sure I would really like to get some food I was actually thinking about getting something on my way home." With that you got in your cars and went to meet each other. You both talked and found that you got along really well. You started talking more and more until it became a beautiful relationship.

Liam: You were at the pet store trying to find some mice for your snake when Liam walked by with a bag of dog food. "Hello do you need any help?" he asked "Do you work here?" you respond jokingly "Well no but I thought maybe I could help a little bit." "Well I'm just getting a couple of mice for my snake." "Oh, well would you like to hang out sometime?." he asked. "Sure!" you said "Okay, can I have your number and we can make a time to get together." "Yeah that would be great." You both swap phone numbers and go to pay for your stuff. As you were walking through the door you hear Liam yell "See you soon Y/N!" That night you guys texted and set up a date that you will never forget and started an amazing relationship.

Louis: You were walking through the supermarket in your pjs  your hair up in a messy bun and your makeup smudged. You had found out the day before that your boyfriend had been cheating on you almost all of your relationship. While you were walking with your head down you bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going...." you trailed off at the end finally looking up. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Um..Yeah I think so just came to get some food." "Would you like me to come and hang out with you and you actually tell me what's wrong." he said. "I don't know you I am not about to let you in my house!" you practically shouted. "If I tell you who I am would you hang out with me?" He would not give up. "Sure." "I am Louis Tommlinson from 1D." He says straight face. "Still a no." You answered "Please you look sad and I would really like to talk to you." You finally agree after A LOT of begging. It was the best choice you had ever made in your life. 


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