One Direction Prefernces

One Direction preferences and imagines


4. Niall and Blare (personal) You get in a car crash


Blares P.O.V.

Niall and I decided to go and get lunch because we had been in the house all day yesterday. We were driving and singing our hearts out when a huge truck had run a red light and smashed into the side of our car. I made it out with only a broken wrist but Niall had to get stitches and stay in the hospital for further examination. He keeps blaming himself for the crash and apologizing to me. I keep trying to tell him that it was not his fault and he is the one that had the worst of it but he will not listen. When we got out of the hospital two days later we were pretty much helpless. I had to take care of Nialls stitches and he would try to help me but I would not allow him. It was not a fun experience for either of us. 

 sorry for it being so short I had no idea what to write about


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