2. Chapter One

            I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door.

            I sat up in bed, “Come in!” I yelled.

            My mother walked in and sat on the bed next to me, “Darling you better start getting ready, you have a big day ahead, it’s your eighteenth birthday,” She said giving one of her fake smiles.

            I sighed, “Mother, I know, but do we have to throw such a big party?”

            “Well of course, I’ve already invited everyone. Now, I’ve picked out the perfect dress for you. Why don’t you put it on,” She said standing up and walking over to my closet.

            She pulled out a white dress that stopped just above the knee.

            “Mother, don’t you think that’s a little too fancy?” I asked.

            “Not at all, it’s perfect for such a big day,”

            “Mother, I’m only turning eighteen,”

            “Yes, but you’ll be graduating and going off to college soon, isn’t it exciting,” She said clapping her hands together.

            “I suppose,” I said flatly.

            “Now turn that frown upside down and get ready, guest will be arriving soon,” She handed me the dress and walked out, closing the door behind her.

            I held up the dress in front of me and sighed. I slipped into the shower then got ready. I put on the dress, did my makeup, curled my hair, and slipped on some gold flats. I heard the doorbell ring signaling me that the guests were arriving.

            I ran down the stairs, put on a smile and opened the door, “Welcome, thank you for coming today it means a lot,” I said to a man and a women that my father most likely invited.

            I ushered them in and they sat their present on the table in front of the door. I led them to the backyard where the party would be taking place. I continued this until all the guest had arrived, my boyfriend being one of them.

            My boyfriend always acts like the perfect boy in front of my parents, but he’s really a rude and annoying jerk when he’s with his friends. I was forced to smile and act like I was enjoying the party, when I really just wanted to crawl back into bed and go back to sleep.

            I ate dinner, and was forced to make small talk with some women I’ve never even met.

            “So, you father tells me you’re going to Oxford,” The woman said.

            “Yes, that’s right; I’m going to Oxford right after graduation,”

            “How exciting,” She said giving an obviously fake smile.

            “Clara, why don’t you come join us over here,” My mother called to me.

            I turned back to the woman, “It was lovely talking to you, but I must go,” I said smiling and walking over to my parents.

            “I was telling Janine here about you being excepted to Oxford,”

            “Yes, I am ecstatic,” I said looking at her.

            This is pretty much how my life goes, I’m forced to act like the perfect child and talk to people I don’t even know.

            After the party, all of my presents were moved up to my room by our maid. I hate saying that I have a maid, it makes me feel like a stuck up rich kid. I didn’t even want to open the presents, they were most likely stuff that I would hate.


            I woke up at 5:30 AM. Way too early to get ready for school, but unfortunately, I am forced to get up and study for an hour. After studying until 6:30 AM, I started getting ready for school. I’m actually a bit surprised that I go to a public school. With my parents having the money they do, I’d figure they’d send me to private school.

            After getting ready, I headed downstairs where the cook was making breakfast. Yes, we have a cook too. I ate the delicious breakfast, and went out where my driver was waiting. I knew how to drive and I had a perfectly good car, but my parents insist on me being driven to school.

            The car ride to school was awkward as it usually is with the driver. I got out of the car and walked into the school, instantly being greeted by the other popular girls.

            “Hey, so there’s this huge party this weekend, you have to come,” Megan said in her squeaky voice.

            “Eh, I don’t know, I have to study for finals,”

            “Oh, come on, you already got into Oxford, I think you could take a little break from studying,”

            “My parents really don’t like me going to parties anymore,”

            “Come on, live a little,”

            “Alright fine,” I said sighing.

            Everyone is so annoying, doesn’t she get that I do not want to go to some freaking party.

            As we were walking to my locker, I noticed someone that I never usually do. He had breath taking blue eyes, and blonde hair; I sort of cringe when I saw his lip piercing. My parents would never approve of me getting a piercing.

            But he was gorgeous nonetheless. He looked over at me and caught me staring. I blushed and embarrassingly turned my head away.

            “Ewe, Cara, why were you just staring at the freak?” Jamie asked.

            “I don’t know I was just staring off in space, I didn’t even realize I was staring at anyone,” I lied.

            “Oh, for a second I thought you were losing your mind,” Megan laughed her annoying laugh.

            I gave a fake little laugh, and turned back to see him staring at me still.

            The teacher walked in and I immediately forgot about the guy and paid attention to what the teacher was saying. After 45 minutes of boring lessons the bell rang. I walked out with my friends, as I was walking I bumped into that guys with the blonde hair and blue eyes.

            “Sorry,” I mumbled under my breath.

            “Ewe, Car, why are you apologizing to him, he should watch where he’s going,” Jamie said.

            “Yeah, watch where you’re going, freak,”

            I groaned at my friend’s rudeness. They couldn’t just let it go? I sighed as we walked away and heard him mumbled something under his breath.

            “Stuck up bitches,”

            I felt a pang in my chest. I hated being seen as stuck up; it was the worst thing in the world. I looked down and my feet as we walked to our next class.


            The day pretty much went on as usual, but I couldn’t get what he said out of my mind. Does everyone see me as stuck up? For once I found myself zoning out in class. My teachers weren’t too happy about that. And since I have such a perfect record and always answer questions in class, they called my parents in concern.

            As soon and I got home I was greeted by cross-armed parents, “What is this phone call we received from your teacher today?” My father asked with a stern face.

            “It’s nothing; I just found it a little hard to focus,”

            “Hard to focus, well you can’t find it hard to focus at college or you’ll be kicked out, and we can’t have that,” my mother said.

            “Oh no, god forbid that we have a disgrace in this perfect little family,”

            “You watch you’re tone, now go up to your room and study,”

            “I don’t want to study,”

            “Excuse me,” My mother asked in a shocked tone.

            “I’m tired of studying, I’m tired of straight A’s I’m tired of talking about college,”

            “Oh no she’s gone crazy,” my mother said to my father.

            “No I haven’t gone crazy; I’m tired of always having to be perfect and live up to your expectations. FYI I am not my sister, so stop treating me like I am,”

            “Now, you will not speak to us with such tone, you will go up to your room and you will study,”

            I groaned and stomped up the stairs, “Sometimes I wish you would disappear!” I yelled before slamming my door.

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