You Don't Stand A Chance || Lashton


3. Playing

Walking back into the male dorm building, I almost walked into the wrong room. I got to the door before I realised that this was no longer my room. I turned away and proceeded up the stairs to Ashton's room. I stood outside the door just staring at it. . . Should I knock or just walk in? He hadn't mentioned that in the conversation. Damn, he mentioned bloody masturbation but he disn't tell me whether to knock or just enter.

Eventually I decided, after a lot of contemplation and a weird look form a passerby, I turned the handle and walked in. Ashton was sprawled on my bed with a packet of chips by his side, controller in hand and his concentration completely on Black Flag.

"Sup?" I said casually, walking in and jumping onto his bed.

"Shit. Sorry. You don't mind do you? You weren't here and I had nothing to do. I can get off if you want?" his tone sounding genuinely apologetic.

Although he had just asked me a question, my mind kept thinking over the last seven words that had just rolled out of his lips. I can get off if you want? Why did my brain have to turn such an innocent thing into such a dirty fantasy.

"Uh, no, it's fine," I stumbled over my words. Taking a deep breath I continued. "You can play whenever you want, you break it you fix it though," I said with a chuckle, my confidence raised a little.

"Surely," he laughed to. "So, where'd you go? You walked in with a smile," I heard the meaning behind the words.

"Needed a release," I said laughing.

"Seriously dude?" he said with a laugh. "Anyway, where are you up to in this game?"

"Uh, I've finished it, like twice," I said.

"Can you help me?

"Really? Ashton can't play a game on his own?" I said, pouting and using the same tone of voice you'd use while talking to five year old.

"Fuck up. Nah, just help me man. I'm hell stuck aye," he said, offering me the remote.

"Fine," I sighed, grabbing the remote. "Seriously  though, if ya can't do this part, how do you expect to do the rest of it?"

"With the help of my trusty roommate!" He said, laughing as he shoved a handful of chips in his mouth.

It didn't take long before I finished the section and handed the remote back. I jumped up and grabbed the packet of chips.

"HEY!" he said, trying to grab them back.

"Uh uh, compensation," I said with a laugh, grabbing a chip out and emphasizing as I put the chip into my mouth and bit down.

"Fine. . . Bitch," he mumbled, turning his attention back to the game.

I grabbed my laptop and plopped back down onto Ashton's bed. Laying back I stuffed my face with chips as I waited for the damn thing to turn on. I started working on my English paper, sneaking glances at Ashton every so often, his perfect features scrunching up every time his character died, almost inaudible curse words falling from his lips almost every time they landed a hit on him. I forcibly made myself look back at my laptop.

HALF AN HOUR! Half an hour I had been staring at Ashton. The only words written in the word document mocking me, 'Kill My Mocking Bird : Luke Hemmings'.

"Fuck!" I cursed aloud accidentally, smashing my fists into the bed beside me.

"Woah!" Ashton said, flinching at my sudden outburst. "What on Earth was that about?"

"Fuck, sorry. That was supposed tp be inside my head. . ." I said awkwardly.

"What's wrong?" he asked cautiously.

"Nothing. I uh. . . I think I'm gonna go do my assignment in the library. Yeah. . . Bye," I said awkwardly, shutting my laptop and grabbing my phone.

"When will you be back? Curious," Ashton asked.

"I, uh, I have no idea. I'll um, text you when I decide so you can do what you like," I said, fumbling over my words then rushing out the door.

I can't be having these kinds of thoughts anymore, I told myself. It was hard enough when we were practically strangers but now we are roommates and I can not be thinking these things. I can't think of him like that anymore.

Ashton Irwin is into chicks, not dicks.

 I walked across the campus towards the library. Girls were pointing and giggling, doing the individual finger wave thing that girls are so good at. I wiggled my eyes at a few making them gush and look at the floor. Yeah, I still had that power.

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