You Don't Stand A Chance || Lashton


2. Ashton Irwin

Being woken up by blinding light is, admittedly,  not the greatest way to be woken up. I could have sworn those curtains had been closed last night.  I rolled onto my back, a grunt escaping my lips. I slowly opened my eyes and standing above me was my roommate, Josh.

"Dafuck bro?" I groaned, my voice husky from sleep. "Shut the curtains," I slurred out, rolling back over onto my stomach, pulling one of my pillows over my head.

"I can't let you do that," he said, pulling the pillow off my head. "You gotta get up and. . . Pack," he said awkwardly.

I shot up in my bed, sitting upright. Had I really just heard what I thought I heard? Why would I need to pack?

"Excuse me?" I said, unimpressed.

"Yeah. You gotta pack up your shit. You and Rafe are switching rooms so you'll be in the room with Ashton. You know Ashton right? Ashton Irwin? Blonde, 6 foot tall, plays the drums? Oh well, any way, you're going to switch so. . . Get packing!" Josh said, his words coming out very quickly. I swear the boy had ADHD.

"Wait. . . When is this happening? When are we actually gonna change?"

"Uhm. . . Well. . . I kinda forgot to tell you last week so. . . today," he mumbled the last part and I felt one brow on my face rise. I could not have heard that right. "Yes! I'm sorry! I said today! Well. . . More like a couple of hours. . ."

"JOSH!" I yelled, kinda frustrated but more freaking out than anything because I would have to rush. "Why are we changing rooms anyway?" I demanded as I threw back the covers and grabbed the closest pair of pants.

As I was pulling on my sweatpants it finally dawned on me. . . I was going to be moving into a room with Ashton Irwin. I had only a few seconds to think on it before Josh started to rush me, grabbing some of my clothes and shoving them into one of my various duffle bags.

"I dunno why you're moving, honeslty," he chuckled. "But you are, and you need to be ready in like," he checked his watch. " An hour and 25 minutes."

I groaned and pretended to smash my head against a wall. I soon began packing my stuff too, there wasn't much. I had my clothes, obviously, then there was my lap top and accessories for that and my phone then there was my ps4 and tv. . . Though I don't think I'll be moving the tv any time soon.

Surely enough, just before I was about to start lugging my stuff to the floor above where Ashton  lived, Josh asked about the tv.

"Can we keep it? Just for now at least? Ashton's got an even bigger one in his room and we need one here. . ." Josh asked awkwardly.

"Sure, why not? I was expecting you to ask anyway," I said.

"I'll help you take your stuff up. Do you wanna put a shirt on first?"

I looked down and surely enough, I wasn't wearing a shirt. I picked up the nearest shirt, a shirt I'd cut the sleeves off and chucked it on.

"Good thing I forgot this, aye?" I said with a chuckle.

An hour later I was up in the room, my PS4 plugged in and playing Assassins Creed Black Flag on the bed. Ashton was, as I had been informed, out. I was told he knew I would be here so I just chilled out on the bed.

I heard the door open and looked to see Ashton walk in.

"Oh, hey mate. Luke right? Oh shit. Is this Black Flag?" he asked, jumping onto the end of my bed.

"Uh yeah? You wanna play?" I asked, offering the remote to him.

"Sick, can I make a profile?"

"Go for it," I said with a chuckle as I watched Aston grab the controller and very happily start playing.

"Okay, listen up Luke Hemmings, I have some things to lay down, okay?" he said, his concentration still thoroughly on the game.

"Yeah, sure, of course," I said awkwardly, fumbling over my words.

"Yeah, so not sure how open you are but this needs to be said, as long as I am gone, you can you use this tv for anything, okay? Just clean up after yourself. . ." Ashton then proceeded to chuckle to himself. "Okay, also, I know warning is sometimes difficult, but even half an hour before hand if your bringing a chick up and I'll try and get outta your hair, as long as it's not every night. I don't mind about mess, as you can see, but I would rather it be item mess and not food mess because that just gets disgusting. Are we clear on these guidelines?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's fine by me," I said with a laugh.

"Oh, one more thing, I don't care whether this applies to you or not but, I am not a homophobic douche okay?  So whether it applies because you're gay or it applies because you're a homophobe, I don't care. My whole point is that if you are. . . it's fine with me. If you're a homophobe, that's a different story and I'll have no homophobic comments in here, understood?" Ashton asked seriously, pausing the game and turning to look at me for the first time.

"Yeah mate, obviously. It's cool that you're so accepting of people," I said, adding this onto the already seemingly endless list of what makes Ashton Irwin perfect.

"It's not really being accepting, I kind of like to think of it more as treating everyone as an equal. 'Accepting' them seems more like a privilege or whatever and it's not, it's equality. Anyway, just wanna ask, boundaries?" Ashton asked, switching off the game and throwing the controller down the bed to me. Apparently my expression perfectly conveyed my confusion as Ashton elaborated.

"Some guys are really awkward about seeing other guys. I mean, I like being naked and I'm comfortable like that, but if you're not, it doesn't have to happen. But the reason I'm really asking is 'cause I'm plannin' on taking a shower and I needa know what I can wear outside the bathroom with you here now," he explained, shocking me.

"I honestly don't care what you wear or dont wear?" I said with a chuckle, my statement sounding more like a question.

"Right then! Good chat," Ashton said, jumping up and patting me on the shoulder.

Ashton walked over to the overflowing chest of drawers and pulled off his shirt. I tried not to look, I swear, but my eyes were drawn to him. The way the muscles in his back moved as he pulled his shirt over his head. He then proceeded to pull his skinny jeans off and grab a pair of sweats from the draw. He turned and picked up a towel and looked at me.

"Are you. . ." his sentence trailed off.

"I'm just impressed by the muscle. I need to work out more," I said awkwardly, looking away. Luckily, Ashton didn't seem to pick up on it.

"Fair enough. Maybe we could hit the gym together tomozza?" he suggested.

"Sure, yeah. That'd be sick," I said and Ashton smiled before walking into the bathroom, towel over his shoulder and only a small amount of fabric covering that perfect ass.

I felt the tension growing in my pants. Fuck. I need this to stop. . . I heard the shower start and looked around. I can't do anything in here.  I grabbed my phone and went through my contacts, looking for the sluttiest chick I could think of. I swiped right over het name and put the phone to my ear, hearing the dial tone.

"Hey," she pretty much purred into the phone.

"I'm in a bit of a, uh, sticky situation.  Think you could help me out?" I ask.

"Damn, sure. I've missed seeing that much of you Lukey," she said, I could practically hear the wink in her voice.

"I'll be over soon."

I hung up the phone and quickly changed so I was presentable to leave the building. I made sure I had a condom in my wallet then left quickly before Ashton got out of the shower.

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