Seventeen years ago there was a war. A big one. Everyone across America was chipped with a device that can alter there emotions. This is where Annabelle Carter comes in. Her mother saved her from being chipped. She was found alone in the streets as a Baby and taken in to a loving home. She was saved. Now she has to save everyone.


1. prologue

Hey so I'm starting another movellas I hope you like it :)

I turned down yet another corner. desperately trying to get away from he guards. I could not let them get my little Annabelle. I was searching frantically for a hiding spot when I finally found a row of boxes lined up against the wall of an ally. I quickly ran to the most hidden one and placed Annabelle inside. 'where you going mama' my two year old said to me. 'away Annabelle' 'when will you be coming back' she said. 'I wont be' she started to cry. 'shhh Annabelle they are going to hear you. listen to me. there is a war going on. one that you wont understand. you see my necklace? well it has a lot of important stuff in it and I need you to look after It for me' I gave her my necklace which contained the small chip with everything she need to know to stop this on it. ' Annabelle one day you will find out what's going on and save everyone.' I gave her one last kiss and looked into her big brown eyes. 'goodbye Annabelle I love you' 'goodbye mama love you too' she cried softly. then I heard the guards coming. with tears threatening to spill I walked into the middle of the street. hoping that Annabelle would find the chip one day and save everyone. also hoping that someone would find her and raise her. now the guards were a mere twenty meters away from me. 'I love you Annabelle ' I whispered before I pulled out my gun, placed it to my head, and pulled the trigger. then there was nothing.

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