Seventeen years ago there was a war. A big one. Everyone across America was chipped with a device that can alter there emotions. This is where Annabelle Carter comes in. Her mother saved her from being chipped. She was found alone in the streets as a Baby and taken in to a loving home. She was saved. Now she has to save everyone.


2. chapter 1

I wake up to the sun coming through my bedroom window. 'Annabelle!' my mother calls out. 'time to get up honey!' I jump out of bed and get ready for the day. I throw on some black leggings with random jumper and tie my hair up in a messy bun. I can never be bothered for school. unlike everyone else. I run downstairs and say goodbye before I hop on the bus. 'good morning Annabelle carter'. my bus driver says. people in this town are so weird. I thought to myself. they are so nice. to nice. 'morning' I say and go and take my seat. I put my headphone on as I watch everyone pile onto the bus. I watch them sit straight and smile bright. seriously what is wrong with this town. when the bus gets to the school I am the first one to get off. I walk to the front door. as I enter I hear a chorus of 'hello Annabelle carter' followed by other names of people. I wish they would just call me Anna. I go to my locker and collects my books for the day. ugh I have math. I put on a fake smile like I am told to by my mother everyday for some unknown reason and walk to class. I take my seat and wait for the class to start. as it starts the principal walks in. 'good morning Mr Logate'. my math teacher Mrs Shoeman says. 'good morning student we have a new student joining us today'. then I see him. he has blonde hair and bright green eyes. I wish I had his eyes. mine are just brown. I start twirling my light brown hair as I stare at him. then I notice something different about him. he is not smiling like everyone else. he is different, like me. maybe I can make a real friend. we lock eyes. it seems like we are staring at each other for hours before he breaks the stare. then I realize that I wasn't listening to Mr Logates welcoming speech. Mr Logate leaves the room. 'you can go and sit next to Annabelle over there at the back' shays Mrs Shoeman cheerfully. he slowly takes his seat. he then turns around and say to me ' hey I'm Jacob' 'Annabelle' I reply. then we turn back to face the front as the class resumes.

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