Anastaysha and Harry were high school sweet Hearts until Harry went off to the X factor and promised her they would stay together. But when he became a member of One Direction and became famous , the management wanted him to brake up with Ana and before he broke up with her they made love for the last time . A week after Ana found out she was pregnant and she was excited to tell Harry but he wouldn't let Her by braking her heart and Ana hated Harry for that. She raised Darcy by herself with the help of her mom and best friend Diana and sister Jaycee. Five to Six years pass and Harry comes back into her life. Will Ana forgive Harry for what he did.........


1. Meet Anastaysha

Name: Anastaysha Victoria Parker Birthday: June 7th 1994 (20 years old) Born: Nashville, Tennessee but currently living in London, England but use to live in Holmes chapel Height: 5'7" Siblings: Jaycee and Diana( Diana is my best friend but got adopted by my mom at 16 when her parents died in a car crash) Personality: Shy most of the time , Insecure about myself, Caring and Smart Loves to do: Draw ,write, spend time with her daughter, goes to school and sing Love Life: Haven't dated since Harry and don't trust any man because I don't believe they love me for me and just trying to get sex Background: When I was born in Nashville by a single mother (Cesylee) . She never told me or Jaycee about my dad because I think it was just a one night stand because me and Jaycee asked her and she never answer her question so I never asked again. When Jaycee was 11 and I was 8 we use to go to the farm and ride the horses and when I use to get bullied she use to sing to me my favorite songI hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack. I remember my sister telling me you will become successful and you will turn out better than those so called friends and bullies and she was right. As the years went by I was 10 and my sister was 13 we moved to England because my mom wanted to experience change. When we moved there we started out in a little apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom and there was only three of us and we were together that was all that matter to me. When I was started 5th grade there I met my long time best friend Diana Rose Larson . She had some pretty long curly blonde curly hair and she was courageous and confident when we where in school unlike me I wish I was her some times and she always told me she wished that she was me out of the blue I always wondered why. By the time I went to High school I met Harry Edward Styles the boy that I had a crush on who was in all of my class and he played on the football team(soccer) and was on of the populars and Diana would always say 'go ask him out don't be afraid before that slut Krista Terri ' but I didn't have to because he asked me to the school dance in sophomore year and he back mine a few weeks after that . But I was all caught up in the moment I didn't realize what I was doing until we broke up in senior year and when he left me all alone with a baby to raise by myself and I had the love of my life my baby girl Darcy- Jaycee and I love her so much and she is the only person that I depend on trusting my baby girl. That same year Diana's parents died in a car crash and she was devastated and sad until my mom adopted her. I was so happy to have another sister especially my best friend . Her, my sister, and my mom was there when I gave birth to Darcy and they help me take care of her when I was going to school on a scholarship to Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and working part time while Harry was living his dream in a boy band and I wish I told him but I think it was better that I didn't because I don't trust him like I use too he is someone I hate but love at the same time and I'm Half a Heart with out him.
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