are we even going to get married??

basically liam is a father and is a great one the rest of them are dealing with pregnancy's and have no idea what to do so they turn to kiara for help but honestly Liam isn't sure about the whole getting married thing uh oh not good.


3. just smile through the pain

louis thought to himself.he was hurt and the only people that's there for him is Shayla and Niall. ''hey shayla thanks for letting me stay here i know it's been a month but I really appreciate what you're doing for me'' Louis said. ''hey you're my brother it's the least i could do for you'' Shayla said.honestly we know that nothing comes good from a break up because Louis is a great guy but no one knows what i know (shayla's typing now). 

''hey Louis can i talk to you for a second on the porch?'' i asked.

''yeah we can'' Louis said.when we went outside we sat down and talked for a little while.

''Louis I know that you're hurt inside just tell me everything i won't tell'' I said.

*sighs* ''sis I feel like jaelee broke up with me because there's someone else and all those times we got into an argument wasn't because of me it was because you were there and she thought you'll always protect her so when you slapped me that day I was hurt because..*sighs again* it wasn't my fault and she told me if i told you anything she'll kill me literally'' Louis explained to me. I was so surprised when he told me this i would've never thought she would do that to him.

''Louis you're my brother and honestly I think you should be glad you guys broke up Louis you were in an abusive relationship and uh..well did she ever hit you?'' I asked him.

*starts to cry* ''Yes she hit me all the time i never showed i was hurt but i was'' Louis said. I couldn't stand to hear this anger boiled  in me like it was very hot water. Louis saw my face and stopped crying.

''Shayla? um..are you okay you look a little fired up in a bad way?'' Louis asked. I can tell that Louis was worried that i would go crazy. ''Yes brother i'm okay i just need to calm down because that relationship was horrible Louis why did you stay that long?'' I asked in the most calmest voice i could use.

''well because I loved her but she doesn't love me and she never will'' Louis explained. after he said that i stood up and just said that i would've left the first time it happened.

''but you told me that if i hurt her you would slap me again'' Louis said

''if you would've actually told me all this before i would've let you leave her now let's go visit Liam'' I said. we walked to go to Liam's when we finally got there I knocked on the door Liam came to the door.

''you must be here to see Kiara right?'' Liam asked.i looked at him and said nothing for a while.

''No we are actually here to see you boy step outside please'' I said calmly. he stepped outside looking scared,more scared than he ever could be.

''uh..yes what seems to be the problem?''Liam asked while shaking.

''I have a couple questions about you and my sister's relationship''I told him.he looked at me his face just a little worried.

''okay you can ask'' he said. I looked at him then looked at Louis,Louis knew what he was supposed  to do. ''okay Liam has Kiara ever hit you or threatened you?'' Louis asked. ''well..she threatened me before but she never hit me'' He answered.

''okay,well have you ever hit her?'' I asked. Liam looked very scared ''well no i've never hit her why would I honestly I have no reason to hit her plus she's your sister i'm not stupid'' he answered. me and Louis looked at each other. ''Go get the girl'' me and Louis said at the same time.

Liam went to get her when she came outside Louis started out with the first question. '' have you ever hit or threatened Liam?'' louis asked. ''well..i've threatened him once but that's it i never hit him'' Kiara said. 

''okay..well has he ever hit you or threatened you before?'' i asked.''well no he hasn't why do you ask?'' she asked. ''well look her little miss questions we'll be asking the questions here..'' i cut him off ''Louis don't be rude anyway we're just making sure people are safe now run a long i'll see you tomorrow'' i said.

we ended up going to Zayn's house I knocked on the door Jason came to the door. ''are you here for Zayn?'' he asked. ''why yes we are smart boy now go get him'' Louis said. when he came to the door. 

''may we ask a couple questions'' Louis asked.

''yeah..sure you can'' Zayn said.

'' okay well have you guys ever been in a fight or anything?'' I asked. ''well no ma'am we haven't'' he replied back. ''okay carry on then'' me and Louis both said.we headed back to the house and when we got there he slept on the couch and i went upstairs to go to sleep. 

what will happen tomorrow we will never know till then

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