are we even going to get married??

basically liam is a father and is a great one the rest of them are dealing with pregnancy's and have no idea what to do so they turn to kiara for help but honestly Liam isn't sure about the whole getting married thing uh oh not good.


9. I think I did the right thing

the next day Liam and Kiara were talking about what happened yesterday. ''I think it was pretty awesome to beat them like that'' Liam said. ''yeah they deserved it but you beat them bad'' Kiara said. ''oh well I know you didn't want to see them'' he said. ''that is true but they got air lifted to the hospital i mean i don't feel bad if anything i'm happy''Kiara said. ''okay then love i did the right thing'' liam said. mean while at the Tomlinson house.

''Jaelee Love did you see the way Liam and Dillion beat up those guys it was funny'' Louis said. ''yes it was i actually knew one of the guys but he's way uglier than he was nine years ago'' Jaelee said. ''hahaha Love you're killing me hahahahahahaha'' Louis said while laughing. ''Louis you're crazy but i'm serious him and his brother are both ugly I almost threw up looking at them''Jaelee said. ''hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg I can't breathe Jaelee babe please stop why lmao would you say that i mean hahahahahahahaha i know it's true but omg i can't stop laughing'' Louis said while laughing again. now going to the Styles residence. 

''Harry the way Liam and Dillion beat up those dudes was funny''Chloe said. ''Love they looked like crap and I mean before they got beat up'' Harry said while trying not to laugh. ''babe omg that's so true hahahahahahahahahahahahaha'' Chloe said while laughing. ''They were the most ugliest people I have ever seen and I know i'm nice but I don't like them plus everyone knows i'm telling the truth'' Harry said while smiling. ''yes that is true Harry, I've never seen anyone so jacked up as them omg hahahahaha'' Chloe said while laughing. ''Love I can't i just can't stop laughing hahahahaha'' Harry said laughing so hard tears came out his eyes. let's see what's happening at my house.

''Skylar the way they both got beat up was hilarious''Marco said. ''yes it was they were ugly though'' Skylar said. ''why didn't you beat them up also for what they did to Shayla?'' Marco asked. ''Cause I didn't want to catch their ugly looks hahaha'' Skylar said while laughing. ''Niall They got jumped so bad that they're gonna have to get surgery for their face'' I said. ''hahahahahaha Why do you always make me laugh?'' Niall asked while laughing. ''babe it's true but D boy and Liam's reaction when they saw the helicopter though hahahahaha'' I said while laughing. ''yeah love their faces were surprised but they started to laugh when the paramedics ran away cause they saw their faces and almost threw up hahahahahahaha''Niall said while crying from laughing so hard. let's see what the Malik's are talking about.

''Jason you know why Liam was laughing right?'' Zayn asked. ''No why?''Jason asked. ''because the paramedics saw how bad they got beat up and had to cover their eyes while putting them in the helicopter'' Zayn said while laughing. ''Hahahahahahahahahahaha I saw that part I just didn't see Dillion and Liam laughing omg this is hilarious I can't breathe'' Jason said. ''lad calm down'' Zayn said. ''I can't hahaha i think we need to go out some where all of us, babe go outside and yell at everyone'' Jason said. 

Zayn went outside and seen it was about 5 o'clock pm but he didn't care. ''Niall,Shayla,Skylar,Marco,Harry,Liam,Kiara,Louis,Jaelee,Jason,and Dillion come outside!''Zayn yelled. We all came outside everyone was confused everyone except for Jason. ''What's going on?''everyone except for Jason said. ''we need to go out and celebrate Liam and D boy's great fight that they won" Zayn yelled. ''Okay but me and Jaelee need a babysitter for our kids'' Kiara said. ''I'll call my other brother Chris let me see'' I yelled. 

Chris:"hey sis what do you need?"
Me:"can you babysit my friends kids?" 
Chris:"sure how old are they?"
Me:"they're new born babies"
Chris:"okay just give me 2 minutes I live right down the street"
Me:"okay thanks bye"  2 minutes later...... 
''Hey i'm Chris and i'm here to babysit Alex and Paisley'' Chris said. ''okay Hi i'm Kiara and i'm Paisley's mom'' kiara said. ''nice to meet you'' chris said. ''hi my name is Jaelee and i'm Alex's mum'' Jaelee said. ''it's nice to meet you also and I promise that i'll take good care of the babies'' Chris said.

5 minutes later we went to a bar but the only people that drank were..well everyone except for Kiara. ''Come on have a drink Love''Liam said. ''No babe i'm good'' Kiara said. ''can I at least get you some water?'' Liam asked. when he came back with the drink it wasn't water it was some type of drink. she drunk it thinking it was water wasn't. ''Liam what is this?" she asked looking mad. ''love it's wine you need to relax and just drink this one glass" Liam said. "okay fine just this one glass'' Kiara said. everything was fine and we came to the bar in a cab so we had to call one to take us home. 

''that was the best night ever" everyone said in their drunk voices. ''hey hey Shayla call your other brother and see if he could babysit over night cause we are going to a hotel all of us" Harry said. ''okay I will hold on" I said. 

Chris:"hey what's up sis?"

Me:"Can you babysit over night?"
Chris:"Yes i can because you sound drunk and so does everyone else"
Me:"okay thanks bro bye" 
"What did he say"Louis asked. ''He said he can" I said while we were walking in to the hotel. we got a hotel with a huge pool and like 12 beds for each of us. but when we all set foot in the room we all literally passed out on the beds and didn't wake up till 4pm. ''omg we have to get home'' Jaelee said. we all ran to our houses because honestly our houses were 3 blocks away. ''chris thanks for babysitting here's your money get out" i said. ''okay thanks bye'' he said. 
obviously when we all got home we fell back asleep for the rest of the day.

I wonder what'll happen tomorrow well you'll find out soon.

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