Proving the Bible

So this is essentially a case for the Bible to prove (or at least give some hardy evidence) that the Bible is truly what it says it is. Feel free to comment with questions or otherwise! Thanks.


6. VI. Conclusion

VI. Conclusion

                But still, what ensures that the Bible was written and its spiritual message stands true? To this at least, three evidences of proof stand out. First is the confirmation by miracles and changing lives, second is the confirmation by its very preservation and third is the Bible’s own altering message.

                The Bible proves its spiritual message through the changes it brings lives in people around the world. There is no refuting the evidence that is has changed people’s lives and saved many lives physically through a spiritual transformation inspired by the Bible. Therefore when Jesus says in John 3:12, “I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?” it is setting a precedent of how the Bible can be proven. First you need to prove earthly things then heavenly things (henceforth why I began this whole essay on debating the validity of physical texts). In a blunt example to transition to heavenly things, the law of the universe is that everything has a beginning, but before this it had a beginner. Now you can apply this to the beginning of a spiritual change. When a spiritual change has taken place, it is also reflected here physically. Thus since you can see the physical change (could be an attitude for example), you seek its source and the only valid source could very well be a spiritual change.

                *Within the Bible’s claims is also the role of the Holy Spirit to preserve these writings. Mark 13:31 clearly says that the idea of preservation is not a novelty. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” As it has stayed around for over four thousand years to this day, this is evidently the case. Through the various processes of preservation, earth has changed so much yet the words within the Bible stand nearly immutable to all that is around it. As it was written to man, it is available to man through the promises made in the Bible.

                Lastly, the Bible has time and time again proved itself with its miraculous nature. Two critics can approach the Bible and be provided the same evidence but come to two completely different conclusions as to the truth represented inside it. What if the Bible is a book that was written to be breathed within you? Therefore if you approach it in a way that you seek the truth, the truth you find is solely dependent on oneself. This is not meant to contradict the core beliefs as the center square in a Rubik’s cube does not move but the expanse around it is meant for you. How you are to spread the Word, interact in prayers (is it formal or informal for you?), and accept the truths are all dependent on your living and breathing experience within the Bible itself.

                So, since it stands true that the claims of the Bible are validated through historical accuracy, direct transmission and archaeological discoveries and kept nearly unchanged because of the laborious decisions of councils and translation then one must take seriously their claims made just as one does with other recorded incidences taken throughout history which sometimes are less reliable. However, the Bible also carries with it a spiritual nature which is confirmed by miracles and preservation. In the end but one thing remains: have you read through the article with an open mind or was your decision that the Bible was false before even reading it?

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