Proving the Bible

So this is essentially a case for the Bible to prove (or at least give some hardy evidence) that the Bible is truly what it says it is. Feel free to comment with questions or otherwise! Thanks.


5. V. Inspiration

                Since the Bible also has a spiritual message with it, these claims cannot be avoided. Within the books of the Bible, there is described a spiritual claim that God is active in the lives of people. These claims of the doctrine itself can also be proven. In relating to this is the idea of preservation. If it is true that God has written these books for mankind, then He would have played a role in keeping them available to mankind and even revealing Himself to man through inspired writings. How was the Bible both preserved and inspired then?

                The Bible finds itself at four theories of inspiration including dictation, neo-orthodox, limited inspiration, and full (plenary) verbal inspiration. Each of these includes God as having at least a hand in inspiring the Bible at differentiating levels. Additionally each of these refers to the inspiration God had in the autographs alone.

                Dictation is perhaps the most conservative form of inspiration. Within this theory is the belief that God was directly involved in the writing of Scripture so much so that He literally told them the exact words to use. In this view, the word of man was nowhere prevalent and only by extension no mistakes were made in the writing. In contrast to this is the Neo-Orthodox theory which is nearly the exact opposite. This theory holds a very high view of God stating that He is sovereign over all; however, the Neo-Orthodox theory concludes that only man was responsible for writing the Scriptures. This concludes itself that the authors only wrote down the incidences to let people know that God worked in their life, but in doing so without God there leaves room for mistakes in the Bible but not really the religion itself.

                Following the two contrasting theories are two middle theories which are limited inspiration and full verbal inspiration. Limited inspiration states that God was involved but not into all the small details. Essentially in this theory, God gave man the ideas to write and left man summarize the idea. This left room for some mistakes such as science but the doctrine itself remains the same. Full verbal inspiration is the theory that God guided man to write the Bible through the Holy Spirit. In a quick overview, it was the idea that God and man were so closely bonded that man chose the exact words that God wanted them to leaving no room for mistakes.

                The Bible does clearly make it evident that it was written by both man and God, and so it is more likely to believe that the Bible was written using all four of these theories. In writing the laws given by prophets, God would have dictated them to man, but in Paul’s various writings to the Churches across the Mediterranean it is more likely that these were either limited or Neo-Orthodox in nature. Not any one of these theories remains as proven throughout the entire Bible even. Though, certain verses within the Bible do point to each of the four.

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