This is about a girl that left her family and found another one, [may be offensive to some people!]

Found 2 is coming after chapter 7!!!


7. chapter 7 the text

Chapter 7

"I love you more!" I say and kiss Nicky hard. "Oh bruno" Nicky says back. "Oh remember it waffle day!" Bruno says and runs down stairs, Nicky bye his side.

When we get down stairs we the other hooligans, "were all out of waffles so we need to go to the store" Eric said. "Ok, lego!" Bruno says. "Wait can I stay?" Nicky asks. Bruno comes over to her and puts his arm around her, "anything you want"

Nicky's pov

"Thanks" I say and bruno let's go of me and leaves. I run over to the couch and start to play on my phone. I see a new text from someone it said,

"Hello my baby, I see you left again, we'll guess what! I will find you and kill you and blame it on that bruno guy so I can make money! See you soon


"Shit!" I yelled and dropped my phone. I just stood back for a little, seeing someone has texted me I pick it up to see that it was bruno,

"Hey, the guys are going to the studio but I'll be coming back see you soon😘"

I smiled of the thought but I was still scared of my mom, I do believe that she could kill me! What if she does!?

1 hour later

Bruno pov

"Hey I'm back!" I yell as I close the door behind me. "Nicky?" I couldn't hear her say any thing. I go over to the couch and see her curled up in a ball, softly whimpering.

I run over to her, "Nicky?! Are you ok?" She just stares off and says in a soft voice, "my my mom" she says and looks down at her phone.

I pick it up and see she was on a text from her mom, I read it and also in shock. Now I believe her mom would do that after seeing what happens last time.

"It's ok, I'll protect you" bruno says hugging Nicky. "I, I love you" Nicky says looking up at him. I smirk, "no I love you more!" I say and kiss her.

I can see her smiling and knows she wants some. "You want to, it might make you feel better" I say smirking at her, "really" she looks up laughing.

"Come on" Bruno says and throws Nicky on his back and Caries her upstairs.

When we get in the room I throw Nicky on the bed and go over to close the door And look at her, she still looks scared.

"Oh yeah, I will totally kill you" I say trying to scare her but not to make her scared, "I'm going to kill you in the bed" he smirks and run over to Nicky.

She lays on the bed but I like it like before so I go on the bottom and open my legs. Nicky looks at them "oh again" she says sarcastically. I smile "oh yes" he squeezes and thrusts up and down.

I can hear her groaning alittle but not load so I made it loaded, thrusting up and down harder. "Oh!" Nicky moans.

I stop, Nicky's body falls on me. She looks up and we start to kiss real hard. She starts to go for my neck but I beat it to her, I was playfully bitting her neck. She goes higher and we go for mouth to mouth.

I felt so horny and started to grow a boner, Nicky probably could feel it because she was right on top of me. She feels it and blushes. I just smirk and evil smirk and go near her ear, "I want you inside of me"I whisper slowly to her.

I can see her blushing even more now, but I know she wants it. I playfully air bit her pretending that I metaphorically want her inside me, I lick my lips. Nicky pretends to be scared and gets off me.

I get on all four and pretend I'm a hungry lion, while she is the prey. Shes frightened while I come up closer licking my lips and roaring. "Oh please don't eat me" Nicky says acting like a girl who had just lost a wallet.

"But I'm hungry!" I say a growling at her, I walk closer to her and jump at her, kissing her mouth over and over, she kissing back.

"Oh bruno I love you!" Nicky says. "Don't start me again" he says smiling at her. We start to kiss again and fall on the bed.

"Uh I'm so tired!" Nicky says. "Oh yeah about the text, I'll never let that happen to you!" I say. Nicky smile at me and it warms my heart. I kiss her for head "goodnight" then fall asleep. I'll protect you baby, even it it means death! I thought.

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