This is about a girl that left her family and found another one, [may be offensive to some people!]

Found 2 is coming after chapter 7!!!


6. chapter 6 if I knew

Chapter 6

Nicky's pov

1 month later

I didn't sleep all last night, just been up all night on my iPhone looking up Bruno Mars stuff. Even if it made me sad.

I saw on Instagram that lots of fan girls has been more happy because he just came out with a song last night. I didn't want to hear it because it was probably a sad one a bout her, but she didn't care now, she wanted to listen to it.

She looked up his name on YouTube and a new song called "if I knew" came out.

It was like, "oh oh oh I, I was a city boy, riding to dangers where I always run, a boy who had his fun" it kept on going on about how he wanted a girl, me.

But one line got to me, "baby I, I wish we were 17, so I can give you all the innocents that you give to me, oh I won't have done all the things that I've done if I knew one day you'll come"

Wow, I thought, he put my line in it! After that I felt so sad and I couldn't take it. I was going to leave again. I'm lucky that I have a one story house. So I bring every thing that I left with and ran out the window, remembering the was back.

I remember going through the woods then getting picked up by them, also the way to there house.

It took about an hour to walk there but it was worth it!! I got there and rang the door bell, out of breath.

Bruno pov

I couldn't get over Nicky leaving even if she has been gone for one month.

*ding dong* I heard the door bell ring, oh why it ruined my life last time but what can go wrong!

I walk over to open the door wearing what I wore when Nicky left. I opened the door to see my darling! "Nicky!" I scream and pick her up, I spin her for a little. "I missed you so much!" She says.

We run over to the cough and sit down. "Boy, you tired!" "I ran all the way here, my mom doesn't know" Nicky says. I don't care what she says I was just glad she was here.

I can't take it no more and come in for a kiss, she comes back hard and he hold it for like a minute. When we let go Nicky can't keep kissing me over and over but It was probably because I was kissing her WAY more!

"All the hooligans missed you" I said still kissing her, "I missed you to" she says, still kissing back. she starts to take my robe off. "Wait not here" he says and points upstairs.

We get up stairs and Nicky still looks a little to tired so I pushed her to the bed and said,"it's ok you don't have to do anything" I said In a whispering voice, she moans.

But she didn't care she pulled my robe off and grabbed my chest, Felt so good! I get on top of her and kiss her an her neck. She grabs my shoulders and pulls me closer to her,"I love you" she whispers to me, "I LOVE YOU MORE!" I say and grinds on her, still with my under pants on.

She moans and pulls her head back. Boy I have never seen her like this! He thinks, I like it!

Alittle after she turns me over so she's sitting on me. She lays on me like she wants to sleep. I open my legs so she's inside my legs, "I heard the song" she whispers and closes her eyes on my chest, "you like it?" "Duh!" Nicky says opening he eyes and sitting up, still between my legs, me opening then more.

She looks at my legs and looks back at me, bitting her lips. "You want me" bruno says closing his legs on her so she's getting squishes inside his legs. "Oh bruno!" Nicky groans, "yeah baby groan more" he says groaning to. She puts her crouch near his and says, " give it to me" butting her lips and looking down at his dick.

Bruno was so exited! Best day ever! He opens his legs so Nicky can breath. Nicky slides down so that her head was on his stomach. Bruno put his legs up so he can only see Nicky's beautiful face on his belly. She reaches up to Bruno's shoulders and pulls herself up, sliding on his whole body, bruno growing a large boner.

Nicky can notice, "really" she says, "oh come on you know you want this" Bruno says pointing to his dick. Nicky smirks "who'd you know" Nicky pulling down his pants, showing every thing.

Bruno looks at Nicky, Nicky staring at his dick with big eyes. "Just remember no sex" Nicky says, "ahh damn", bruno groans "just blow?" He says with a puppy face. Nicky smirking,goes down and blows.

1 minutes later Nicky got up. Bruno groans so load. FELT SO GOOD! He thought. He grabbed Nicky and pulls he up to him, wrapping his legs around her like before.

Nicky's pov

Ohh, I like when he puts his legs around me, mostly when he squishes me, then he does. "Oh how did you know?" She says. "I like you between my legs, it feels good" he says smirking.

He squeezes me harder and moans "ha" I try to laugh. He pulls me closer to him, "I want you inside me" he says.

"Ok bruno, I think he had enough" I say bitting my lip. I get up and also does bruno, he's walking over to me slowly and sexy. I get near a wall and pretend that he was going to kill me. He gets closed and closes me in with putting his arm around both sides of my head.

"Oh you not going any where" he says bitting Nicky's neck. He bends down and picks me up by my legs so that I'm on his shoulder."woah!" I say. Bruno laughs and throws me on the bed. "I'm going to get dressed". He says and goes to the bathroom.

I fix my hair when phill came in the room, "yo bruno" he says then looks at me, "Nicky!" He says and runs over to me. "We missed you! Really bruno was crying all night every night!" He says. "Haha" I laugh back "I missed you guys so much!"

Then bruno walked on the room, "yo phill" he says to phill. "I'm going to the bath room" I say

Bruno pov

I hear. The bathroom door close then whisper to phill loudly, "SHE GOT THE D!" "OHH" they both say. "Ha yep told you it was the song" he said to phill.

That night

We both get dresses and start to go to bed. I wanted to sleep in the same bed so we did. I was on the bed when Nicky came out of the bathroom. She came over to me and layer on top of me like earlier. I open my legs and she gets between then, laying down on me and falls asleep.

I wake up with Nicky's head on my crouch, my legs still opened. I lick my lips and kiss Nicky. She moans and rolls side ways on my crouch, it hurt but felt good. I play with her hair and she finally wakes up, "wow" she says realizing that she woke up on my dick.

"Come on go back on" he says opening his legs. She falls back on his crouch but this time facing me so my dick was in her face, then she turned around letting bruno squeezes her.

Then Nicky climbed up next to bruno on the bed. Kissing him "good morning" she says.

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