This is about a girl that left her family and found another one, [may be offensive to some people!]

Found 2 is coming after chapter 7!!!


5. chapter 5 mom

Chapter 5

Nicky's pov

I get up earlier than usual, so I go down stairs to find out that it was 6 am. So I go do what I always do when I'm alone, listen to bruno mars on my iPhone.

I heard someone get up but I just listened to my music. He came and put his arm around me.

"Good morning" I heard Bruno's voice them lightly kisses my forehead, I kissed back. "Good morning"

*knock knock* we hear someone at the door. We go over to open the door and to my horror is someone I DONT want to see "hi, have you- NICKY!" Yep, my mom.

"Where have you been?!" "Why would you care!" I yell back. "We need you for money" she said whispering so she thinks bruno can't hear.

"And who's this?" She said looking at bruno. "That's bruno my" "I don't care, come on" she said grabbing my arm, "we're going home" "BUT THIS IS MY HOME!" Nicky yelled angrier than ever.

But my mom didn't care, she yanked me hard all the way to the car and we drove off. I look back at bruno, I can see him falling on his knees, still staring right in my soul saying, why?

When we home she yanks me again all the way in my room. "Mom! I need him!" Nicky says yanking her way out. "No! Your staying here NOW!" She yells and slams the door, I ran over and locks the door swearing never to open it to her mom.

I jump on my hard bed and try to remember my old bed at Bruno's. "UGGGGGG!" I moan as I pull out my iPhone and start playing on it.

Bruno pov

I fall on my knees when I see Nicky driving away, "well another one down" I say trying to keep back to tears but let them out.

I can hear someone coming so I wipe my tears and turn around to see phill standing at the door. "What happened?" He said "Nicky left" "why!" Phill asked," her mom found her" he said slower. "Only if I didn't open the door this morning she wouldn't be gone!" I say the first time phill as ever seem me like this.

"Bro! Come in you have NEVER acted this way before, she must be real good!" Phill says

"I might know what might get her attention" Bruno says. "Do you remember Nicky's song?" Bruno says with a smirk. I'll see you soon sweat heart! He thought to himself, soon enough.

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