This is about a girl that left her family and found another one, [may be offensive to some people!]

Found 2 is coming after chapter 7!!!


4. chapter 4 paparazzi's

Chapter 4

As we get closer to the movie theater I can see lots of people with cameras. 'That must be them! How do they know we're here?'

"Don't worry, they don't know we are here they just hang out here so we got to stay low." Bruno said reading my mind.

We get out of the car and we were so close to getting inside then, "OMG, ITS BRUNO MARS!!!" A girl yelled. Every thing became silent then the cameras were off like that! "Hey smile bruno Mars!" And "hey are you guys dating!?"

We finally get in, run to get our ticket and quickly run into the movie theater, laughing the whole way. "Haha, that was fun" I say "aw you'll get used to it." He said smiling back at me, still can't believe that I am hear now.

In the middle of the movie I felt so good, bruno had his hand on mine for a long time! And even one part he kissed me! In so LUCKY!

Later that night

"Ha, I had a good time tonight!" I said. "I'm glad" Bruno said blushing, his hair shining with the moon.

We were about to go in to the house when Bruno said, " let's trick them! Wait out here and I'll say that you ran way!" "You know it's never going to work!" I say but then the door opens wide with phill at the door.

"HOW WAS IT!" He yelled. "Great homie!!" Bruno said and gave phill alittle hand shake then we went inside.

Later before I went to bed I saw bruno at my door, holding something. "What cha got?" I asked him. " oh nothing" he said and came over to me, sat next to me and handed me the box. It was a iPhone!

"Oh thank you bruno!" I said and hugged him so long. "Oh I got some free music for you" he said smirking.

I opened my music and saw every Bruno Mars song there was. Oh I feel like the luckiest person ever! "We'll you better get to bed, and don't stay up all night on that" he said smirking then left.

Later at 12, right before I feel asleep I have a dare for me, every night before I go to sleep I listen to one bruno Mars song looking out the window.

So I did I went over to the window, opened it, put on some Bruno Mars on called, talking to the moon. I even sang some, " and hope your on the other side talking to me too! Or am I a fool, talking to the moon"

Bruno pov

I heard something coming from Nicky's room so I opened the door slowly. I heard my song, talking to the moon, on and Nicky sitting at the window singing along to it, oh her voice is just the cutie at thing over, he thought and then closed the door and went to sleep.

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