Siriusly in love

Jenner Malfoy is the new girl :333 at hawgwartz and she falls in love with the super ;) hawt FRIED WEASLY. But he's got :3 a sercet he's a wearwolf!!


7. My singin/ actingg carrier stars (real life not fanfic)

Ok so basecally I got to be the chance in this new movie called divergant two as a really important but I said no lol. Also i got offred to be in real husbands of hollywood which is akward cuz im a girl and a kid but they were like 'pretend to be a kid of a guy.. IN THE BACKGROUND!' Also i walk past in a Taylor swift video in the background. you guys are probably JELOUS but I'm like lol i don't care cuz reason!! Also tom felten I MET HIM WHEN I WENT TO ANOTHER PLANET!! (Jk but I did meet him at HP world he wasent as hot aseopple say he is...!!!)

oh yeah and ily

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