Siriusly in love

Jenner Malfoy is the new girl :333 at hawgwartz and she falls in love with the super ;) hawt FRIED WEASLY. But he's got :3 a sercet he's a wearwolf!!


1. School trip :33

HEY PEASENTS! Mai name is Jenner Emerald Liliana Kariana Malfoy and I'm the twin of draco malfoy I have bright purpel :3 hair and bright green eyes (v. Pretty) but rlly I'm a matemorphisis so I can change what I'm looking like but I'm also a WIZERd. 

Today was Hogwarts and we had p.e with mr pitbull. He started rapping it was cool. Then we had spells with mr dumbeldore who is an old wizerd like in all kidz books and stuff :D xD he's kind a bossy tho he broke guys wand ahhh! Then we had mrs. Lady gaga who is soooooo cool.

then mr snape said we could all go beach draco fell of a cliff. He dyed. "AHHHHHH DRACO!" I cride. But then he wasnent really dead he was a zomby that'd so cool :D (don't worry guise I wouldn't just kill of Draco like that LOL) I met a hot guy named Fred weasly and he was a wearwolf he attacked mr. Snape and he fell of the same cliff that Draco fell of but this time it was funny insted of drametic. It would be so cool dating a wearwolf cuz it's like the twilight saga which is pretty cool as heck.

"HEY JENNER!" Said fred, he said. 

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