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Kates story is about a girl name Kate who has a best friend named Madilyn.kate was adopted she doesn't live like an average child. Kate gets abused at home.
When Kate finds out her parents were killed in an car accident she goes to foster care. Kate then meets her best friend Madi who's mother died of breast cancer and father disappeared.


1. Hello...???

"Hello. Who is this?"Kate your parents are dead. We will come and pick you up as soon as possible."okay bye." Kate goes down stairs and crys in a coner as she waits for the police to pick her up. Kate hears a knock at the door and she sees it's the police. "How did my parents die?"

They got into a terrible accident I'm so sorry for your lost baby. We will take you to an orphanage your grandmother will become your legal gradien." I don't want to go to an orphanage Kate crys."

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