(Doctor Who)Drums And The TARDIS noise

Doctor Who FanFic. Set for the Doctor: After "The Runaway Bride." Set for the Master: Before "Utopia." I'd advise you to watch these episodes before you read this FanFic, it might make more sense then. XP Happy reading, hope you enjoy! ;-) =D


2. The Doctor wants Tea.

I was expecting it to be either something boring like the fridge changing temperature, or something scary like a mysterious murder who'd kill everyone before I could even see what was happening. Okay, maybe that was over-reacting, but I couldn't consentrate with the constant banging of my headache. I groaned.

Then I finally noticed what was there. In front of me a big blue box loomed over the kitchen table, casting a shadow.

Not like anything I was Anticipating at all.


The door flung open inwards and a tall, skinny man stepped out of it. He had tosseled brownish hair and darker brown eyes. He wore a blue stripped suit with a long light brown swishy coat and what were -persumably- sand shoes on his feet.

The man regarded me quizically, one eyebrow raised. Not knowing what else to do, I raised my eyebrow back at him.




'Nothing,' I replied, 'Well, there is some smoke coming out of your box...'


'Never mind that, she should be alright in a while. Do you have any tea? Tea can solve numerous things, and right now, I could really do with some.'


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