(Doctor Who)Drums And The TARDIS noise

Doctor Who FanFic. Set for the Doctor: After "The Runaway Bride." Set for the Master: Before "Utopia." I'd advise you to watch these episodes before you read this FanFic, it might make more sense then. XP Happy reading, hope you enjoy! ;-) =D


1. It's the Tardis.

I woke up from a strange dream with a thumping headache at about 5am. Dragging myself out of bed, I tip-toed quietly down the stairs, avoiding the creaky spots familiar to me from past experiences much like this one. Once I was making my way up again -after successfully retrieving a glass of water making minimum noise- I saw a light flashing in the kitchen. At first I assumed it to be a broken light or lightning, but then I heard the noise which accompanied it. I'd heard it before. The best way to describe that noise would be to say it went: Vrwoop, Vrooop..., or something like that.

Hesitating, I considered going up to bed before my parents woke up, but I had done that when this happened last time. This time I would be brave and discover the source of this occurrence.

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