(Doctor Who)Drums And The TARDIS noise

Doctor Who FanFic. Set for the Doctor: After "The Runaway Bride." Set for the Master: Before "Utopia." I'd advise you to watch these episodes before you read this FanFic, it might make more sense then. XP Happy reading, hope you enjoy! ;-) =D


4. Bigger on the inside.

He got up then and I did too. I quickly plonked the cups in the sink, and followed him into his mysterious blue box.


'It's..' I gasped.

'Go on, say it.'

'Wow! This is so cool!'


He scrunched up his face for a second, but then smiled a little. My response had pleased him, but was clearly not what he'd expected or hoped for.

I sat on a seat near what was presumably some kind of control panel thingy. I was glad my headache had subsided.


The Doctor sighed,'Just one trip, okay?'

I nodded, but I'd never let him get away with that. I'd never traveled through a 'vortex' before, but it sounded fun.


'So, where and when?' The Doctor asked, 'Oh, and I probably should tell you, the TARDIS is like a time machine and a spaceship, so we could go almost anywhere...' He looked sad and wistful for a breif moment, before turning to me waiting for my answer.


I hesitated. All of time and space included seemingly infinite options of where we could travel.

'Doctor, where are you from?'

He appeared not to hear me, and proceeded in pushing buttons, pulling leavers, and whatever else you did to fly a Tardis.


'I know!' The Doctor smiled. 'You're going to love this!'


The Tardis jutted and I slid sideways on my seat. Flying in the Tardis felt, to me, like taking off in a plane, twriling around slowly, and riding a rollercoster all at once, but the ground always looked stable even if it tilted a little.

It still smelt a bit like something burning, but the smoke I had seen from the Tardis earlier was gone.


'Allons-y!' The Doctor yelled. 


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