You were mine for the summer.

Its Summer, she's finally back together with her friends after a whole school year. They do what they'll normally do during the summer, hang out and have fun. But this summer is different when she meets him.
Would it be more than a summer fling?


10. Talk to me!




After I got up and took a shower I then remembered it was Tolulope’s birthday so I ran downstairs to get a call card and immediately called him. When he picked up the phone he still sounded half asleep so I asked if he wanted me to call him back but he said it was okay so I wished him a happy birthday and asked why he was still asleep at about 12noon and the he told me that his friends threw him a surprise party and then added “One of your friend was there aswell.” I wondered which one of them it could be but I couldn’t think of any because none of them told me they were going to any party so I asked “Ohh, boy or girl?” and then he said “Girl, her name’s Eniola.” why didn’t she tell me? Maybe she just forgot to, its nothing to worry about I thought. During our conversation he told me that he had invited her to his first official basketball match since she studied at the University of Baltimore and he was playing not far from there. He asked if it was okay with me and I said “certainly.” because I didn’t think it was a big deal. We spoke for about 2hours until my card finished and then he sent me a message saying “Thanks for calling, you’ve made my day.” I thought he was exaggerating.

 I mean his friends threw him a massive surprise party and his mum bought him a house, that would have obviously made his day but it made me smile still. I then decided to go on twitter as usual, I was reading through my timeline when I saw his most recent tweet that read “Distance is such a bitch. I would have had a lovely day out with her today if she was with me.” I replied to it saying “hey! No bad language :p” I knew it was obviously about me and the fact that he would have loved to spend his birthday with me made my heart glow. About a minute later he replied saying “I apologise. She just has that effect on me.” he was so cheeky with his responses, that was one thing I loved about him. I retweeted and favourited the reply and then logged off, tried to do some revision but I just couldn’t concentrate; my thoughts kept drifting over to him. His face, his smile, his laugh, his touch, the dimple on the right side of his face, the birthmark just below his chin, I kept thinking about every single detail of him, all I wanted was to feel his touch but that wasn’t going to happen. Later in the day I called Tomisin and asked if she knew that Eniola went to Tolulope’s birthday party but she said she wasn’t told about it so I guessed Eniola didn’t tell either one of us then. We talked for hours, she told me how everything was, how things were going between her and Adetayo and everything else.

Mine and Tolulope’s conversations became daily tradition, on the day he was going back to America he couldn’t speak to me because his flight was at midnight and I had school the next day so he didn’t want to disturb me. When school resumed I barely had time for myself, the time difference wasn’t very helpful because he was going to sleep when I was waking up and I was at school when he was waking up. Our conversations dwindled, our chats reduced but we still always made time for eachother everyday.

All of a sudden, he stopped replying my messages, stopped tweeting me, stopped calling me or picking my calls. I started to wonder what I did wrong but I couldn’t think of anything. The last day he spoke to me was the day of his first official game, I spoke to him just before it started and wished him luck then he said he was gonna call me when it finished.
I couldn’t remember saying anything wrong, I couldn’t remember upsetting him or anything. He was never cross with me over anything, I was really confused. So was Gemma because I told her and she couldn’t think of what I couldve done to make him not want to talk to me anymore. Tomisin was as confused aswell because I made sure to tell her everything, Eniola seemed very confused aswell and she told me that she spoke to him after the game and he said he was gonna call me.

It had been 6weeks since I last spoke to him and I missed our daily conversations. I was sure nothing had happened to him because he updated his facebook and twitter on a daily basis, the most annoying part was that he replied everyone else except me and he wouldn’t even tell me why he wasn’t speaking to me. It really hurt, I just wanted to know what I did wrong so I could apologise but he wasn’t even giving me the chance.

Just why? I mean what did I do and why is he not talking to me!?
That’s what I wanna know!!

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