You were mine for the summer.

Its Summer, she's finally back together with her friends after a whole school year. They do what they'll normally do during the summer, hang out and have fun. But this summer is different when she meets him.
Would it be more than a summer fling?


2. Its a date then.

Second chapter! Woohoo! 



Tomisin decided that she was gonna come down to Ibadan that day so we could decide what I was gonna do. I replied his message saying “ohh that would be nice, where would you be staying while you’re here?” almost immediately he replied me saying “everywhere tbh, but I’m going to Ibadan first to see some of my family.” the fact that he was gonna come to Ibadan first was definitely a good thing. So I replied saying “that’s fab, I’m in Ibadan for the next 2weeks so just tell me when you’re here.” I was getting excited! I was finally gonna meet Tolu, maybe get the chance to lick his face. Maybe I’m exaggerating. He then replied “OK good then. Send me your mobile number so I’ll call you as soon as I get here. Looking forward to it.” omg! He was looking forward to meeting me! Now I was literally hyper ventilating. I replied “08102353739. Samee!! Safe journey btw ”

I was starting to get really comfortable with him, I think at this point I was starting to get really attracted to him. I called Eniola immediately and she came over, we continually made up different scenarios of what could happen. 3hours later, Tomisin had arrived with a suitcase which contained loads of dresses and a massive bag of make-up. I showed her the chat history between me and Tolu and she agreed we were making some progress. We all had some lunch and immediately went to the saloon. I was gonna get braids done cause I apparently look really good when I have braids on. It took so long before my hair was finished but I didn’t mind because the fact that I was finally gonna meet Tolulope Adeyemi kept me going.

After we all finished from the saloon, we went to KFC for a meal and then went to Timi’s house where we met Iyanu and Kayode. We were all friends with all 3 of them but it was kinna awkward being in the same room with Iyanu for the first time since after we broke up last summer. I gave Timi a hug and as usual his hand went lower than it should have, and the whole routine of Kayode smacking his hand replayed. I went over to where Kay was sitting and gave him a hug aswell, I remained seated on his lap and contemplated whether to go give Iyanu a hug or not but I finally decided to get up, walk over to Iyanu and then hugged him. It felt really weird, but he held on to my waist and wouldn’t let go, gradually everyone else in the room left and then it was just us two remaining.

This was gonna be very awkward, I could definitely feel it already. Even after everyone left he still didn’t let go and I wasn’t gonna make him so I kinna just waited there with my head nestled in the crane of his neck. It was definitely the longest hug I’d ever had in my entire life. It lasted for about 15mins and even after it ended, he had his arms round my waist and just stood there in silence for a couple of minutes before saying “I’ve missed you.” I didn’t know what to say at this point because I honestly didn’t miss him but I didn’t wanna hurt him and I didn’t wanna lie either. So I settled for not saying anything, just stared into each others eyes and I think he found what he was looking for, nothing. He kissed me then just left without saying bye to anyone. I felt bad but I wasn’t crying so that was a good thing. Eni, Tomisin, Timi and Kayode came out after he left. No one said anything for a while, the silence was getting very awkward until Timi decided to tell me that he and Eniola had been together for four months. I was surprised, I was so shocked. Eniola always told me everything and she was crap at keeping secrets but she managed to keep this away from me. They had both had secret crushes on eachother since like forever and it was amazing for them to finally do something about it. I was happy for them. After hours of just random conversations, me, Eni and Tomisin decided to go back home to get some sleep.

We all slept in and woke up at about 11am the next morning. I was so tired when I woke up, so tired that I just didn’t move from the bed until my phone rang an I had to go pick it up. The voice on the phone sounded very strange, I didn’t know who it was and the person on the other end wasn’t speaking very loudly so I hung up. Almost immediately that same number called me again and this time the person spoke up, he said “Hey, its Tolu.” I had to try so hard to ensure I didn’t sound too excited because my voice normally increases in pitch when I’m excited. We had a very long conversation, told me about his journey and his plans for the summer; the conversation lasted for about 45minutes. I enjoyed talking to him, he said he was gonna call me when he got to home and settled down so I could come meet him.

When Eni and Tomisin woke up I told them about mine and Tolu’s conversation, they were very excited and started to plan what I was gonna wear. They both came up with so many fantastic ideas but in the end I settled for a floral print mini dress, a pair of black wedge heels and a black satchel. Put a little bit of make up on, didn’t wanna overdo it incase it got too hot. Just as I was getting ready, Marie arrived, she didn’t wanna miss out on anything. They all made a big fuss about it, made it seem like some type of official date but it wasn’t exactly, we were just gonna meet up and maybe just go out for a meal. Tolu called me at about 2pm and told me he had arrived, then asked if I wanted him to come pick me up but I said he didn’t have to. That was because I didn’t exactly like people knowing my house until I’ve known them for quite a while, so I just asked him to send his address and I called one of my mums driver to tell him where he was going, he then said he was gonna come pick me up in 5minutes. Eniola, Tomisin and Marie were all as excited as I was, they wanted to know everything that happened. They were definitely obsessed with knowing the details, I mean they tried to tuck a clip on recorder in my bra.

I started to wonder how it’d actually go.

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