You were mine for the summer.

Its Summer, she's finally back together with her friends after a whole school year. They do what they'll normally do during the summer, hang out and have fun. But this summer is different when she meets him.
Would it be more than a summer fling?


9. Home is where the heart is.

Urgh I'm so attached to my characters! Its so bad. 


I arrived at Heathrow airport at around 3am the next day where my brother was already waiting for me, we got my luggages and I wouldn’t let anyone touch my painting. When we got home about 2hours later, I unveiled the painting and hung it up in my room. Just after I had a shower I called Tolulope and he picked up immediately as if he had been expecting my call, I asked why he wasn’t sleeping but he said there was no reason and I’m not sure if I believed him because it was around 6am in the morning and boys normally cherished their sleep. He asked me to get on skype and I did after the phone call ended, I told him about my whole trip and after about an hour he looked knackered so I told him to go to bed and then he promised to call me immediately he woke up. I logged on to twitter and was going through my timeline when I saw his most recent tweet which read “She came, she took my heart even though I didn’t make it easy for her and now she’s gone with my heart, I want her back ” I retweeted and favourited the tweet because I knew it was obviously about me and then I went on his home page and saw his previous tweets. One of them read “I used to think falling in love was impossible after what happened but she proved me wrong.” the next one was “ughhh I’m such a loser, I couldn’t even get myself to kiss her eventhough I really wanted to.” and then another one was “She probably thinks I’m just messing with her heart and hurting her intentionally but I’m really not ” and there was another one which read “I think I’m in love with her. She’s just so simple and she makes me smile. I hope I don’t blow my chance with her.”

I really felt to just punch him in the face! Why didn’t he tell me how he really felt about me! He watched me go without telling me how he really felt. Now thinking about it I could’ve postponed my return because school wasn’t resuming for the next 3weeks! I was very annoyed with him now, I felt better not knowing how he exactly felt about me but then knowing he had feelings towards me but just watched me go without telling me really angered me! I put my anger into writing and wrote a blog post titled “Why didn’t you tell me?.” when I finished that, I went out to my friend Gemma’s house, she was definitely gonna get my mind away from what angered me because she was amazing and she had her ways of doing that and we had way more to talk about anyway. I had been away for 4weeks and before I left she had a massive crush on one of the sixth formers and they were making a bit of progress so I wanted to know if their non-verbal communication had progressed. I walked to Gemma’s place which was not far from mine, it was just 2 streets away. When I got there her mum got the door, welcomed me and told me Gemma was upstairs in her room so I just went up. I knocked on the door and immediately she saw me she squealed and hugged me, she was definitely excited to have me back. She wanted to know everything that happened during my holiday and I told her absolutely everything that happened without leaving any details out and I also showed her a picture of the painting Tolu did for me and she was amazed.

After we had a conversation about how I felt about him and what I hoped would happen, we then started talking about her and her “special friend” and she told me how their non-verbal relationship had immensely developed and that they had been talking on a daily basis since his results day. She told me how she was told to help out in school during the year 13 results day and she met him there and they had their weird momentarily smile and then how he later came up to her after most people had left and how he said that he enjoyed their non-verbal relationship while it lasted and they someone hugged eachother and exchanged mobile numbers. And since then they’ve been out together a handful of times and he asked her out but she hadn’t replied yet because she couldn’t deal with long distance relationships and it might not work out because he would be going to university after the summer and she’ll be busy with exams and everything else and they might both not have time for eachother and she didn’t want to risk getting heart broken. We debated the pros and cons of them getting together and we figured out there were more pros, eventhough he might go away to university, there’s a huge possibility that he might remain in london and even if he travels out of london they could always keep in touch in some way or the other. He always made her happy anyway so if they got together for no matter how short it would still be worth it than having to regret not taking advantage of the opportunity she had later on in the future. So we came to a conclusion that she was going to call him and she was going to tell him that she was willing to give them a chance even though there might be some hurdles in their way. I tried as much as possible to stay quiet while she was on the phone to him then he asked to take her out for dinner and she gave me a look as if asking what my opinion was and I nodded and she answered him saying she was going to meet him at the station not far away from her house for 6pm.

When she got off the phone she squealed, it was so loud that her mum came upstairs to ask what the problem was. We told her it was nothing and then waited for her to return downstairs before we started planning what Gemma was going to wear, I ironed her dress while she took a shower and washed her hair. She had natural curly hair so we decided to leave it loose and wavy to suit the dress she was wearing. She wore a purple skater girl dress, pair of black studded wedge heels and had a black clutch purse. She was so excited but nervous aswell, we both went downstairs to get a drink after she was all ready and her mum asked her why she was dressed, she replied saying “I’m just going to meet up with a friend.” then her mum said it was okay but she had to be back by 11pm or she’d get into trouble. She was so nervous she couldn’t even eat anything and that was a first for Gemma, she always had to eat, so we played some music and talked about the most random things ever. When it was 15mins to 6 we left her house and both walked to the station, by the time we got there at 5mins to 6 he was already there waiting. When she saw him the first thing she said to me was “ahhh, he has the hat on” she liked whenever he had that grey hat on because he looked really good with it on. We walked towards him and when he turned around to look at her the first thing he said was “wooow, you look amazing.” she said “thank you” and then I gave her a hug and started heading back home. When I got home I already had 3missed calls on my mobile and they were all from Tolu so I called him back and we spoke for a while before I had to go to bed.
The next morning I was woken up by my phone and it was a call from Gemma, she was defintely excited and I guessed she probably didn’t sleep all through the night because it was about 7am and Gemma wasn’t exactly a morning person especially not during the holiday. I sat up on my bed and listened to her give me the details of her date last night, it sounded really romantic and she sounded really happy as well so that was all that really mattered.

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