You were mine for the summer.

Its Summer, she's finally back together with her friends after a whole school year. They do what they'll normally do during the summer, hang out and have fun. But this summer is different when she meets him.
Would it be more than a summer fling?


1. Facebook messages.




It was a couple of weeks before it all ended, before all the exams would finally be over and then I’d be as free as a bird! I’d be free to do anything I wanted, absolutely anything. Even go to Nigeria for holiday! I just couldn’t wait, barely thinking about it got me really excited, I was finally gonna see him after such a long time.

I had always heard people talking about him, friends had always babbled on about how he was hot and all but I actually never seemed to care. So one day during my last holiday in Nigeria, I went to my bestie Tomisin’s house and we were on Facebook just randomly browsing through peoples pictures and judging them as usual. Then one Tolulope Adeyemi’s picture came up and she started squealing, at first I wasn’t amazed but then we went to his profile and started viewing all his pictures. I was in awe, overwhelmed by his beauty. I mean he was pretty, he was hench, he was fit, had lovely hazel eyes, a lovely smile and he was like the perfect Nigerian. I quickly logged on to my account and sent him a friend request hoping that he would accept my request, I quickly changed my profile picture to a better looking one, one where I had a puffy african print skirt and a bandeau top on. I hoped that would definitely catch his attention. After hours of stalking his profile, I almost gave up hope of him ever accepting my request but then Tomisin told me he was in America and I figured he would probably still be asleep due to the time difference.

Hours later, myself and Tomisin decided to visit palms cause we needed to get somethings for our sleep over and our costumes for one of our friends’ party. When we finally got back to the house, both of us feeling knackered. We couldn’t be bothered to make a meal so we ordered some Chinese. While waiting for the delivery we decided to go on Facebook again and see if there was any interesting stories or events. I got up to go to the loo just as Tomisin squealed “he accepted your request.” I didn’t even have to think about who she was talking about, I immediately sat back down and took control of the laptop. We went on his profile again and there were some new pictures, these filled us up for that moment. Just then there was a message in my inbox, at first I couldn’t be bothered to check but then Tomisin decided to and guess who the message was from!

It was from Tolulope Adeyemi, I was filled with excitement even before reading the content of the message and when Tomisin finally read it out, I felt a smile creep up and take over my face. “Hey, nice picture. You look extraordinarily beautiful and you have a lovely smile too xx.” I was short of words, I tried to reply about 10 different times but everything I typed just sounded so wrong, in the end we settled for “awwwwn thank you.” I felt like the message was too plain but Tomisin said that anything else would be too much so I just let it go. The meal finally arrived after what seemed like hours but probably wasn’t. We ate, watched 90210 for about an hour and then the other girls arrived. We went outside to welcome Eniola, Marie, Yoyinsola, Oyinkansola and Bolanle. It had been ages since we all got together, someone was always busy with school or something. So this was exciting. We had some popcorn and watched back to back episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” After about 2hours, Eni suggested ice-cream so we had to call Bolanle’s brother to drive us out cause none of us had got our drivers license yet. We were all wearing animal onesies and I bet we looked really cool, I mean we got stared at by literally everyone that walked past us at the store. After some ice-cream and some skittles we decided to head back home. But Yoyinsola decided she wanted some suya and we all joined in aswell. It took about 5mins to persuade Bolanle’s brother to get us Suya worth #5000. He thought we were crazy for wanting that much but we just had that urge cause we barely get any suya in London, Canada or new-york.

On arriving back home it was about midnight which was definitely too early to go to bed so we played very loud music, danced around the house like crazy people and decided to make cupcakes. We finally went to bed at about 3am and at this point everyone was knackered. I woke up first at about 7am, I’m always an early bird no matter what. First thing I did immediately I woke was go on Facebook and there was a message waiting for me. It was another reply from Tolu and it read “its my pleasure. Where d’you stay?” I was going to reply but then I figured that Tomisin would probably bite my head off so I just waited for her and the other girls to wake up. They all woke up about an hour later and I told them what happened, surprisingly all the other girls had a crush on him aswell but had never been noticed by him so I counted myself very lucky. This time Eniola replied the message saying “I’m in Nigeria at the moment for the summer but I live in London, wbu?” we all agreed to the message and had a massive conversation about him while browsing through his pictures for like the 5th time. While going through his pictures, we came up with a conclusion that he was probably very good with his camera and any other photographic devices and was amazing with edits aswell, I imagined how it would feel to be his model and just let him take pictures of me and just tell me what to do eventhough I totally hated stereotypical modelling, I enjoyed being in that little world for a while, I enjoyed the thought of him with the camera telling me how to pose. And then we stumbled upon a picture which had a twitter handle on it and we immediately figured out that was his handle, we all followed him on twitter and stalked him on there aswell.

Days later he sent me a message saying “I’d be in Nigeria tomorrow so we can meet up if you want?” I was proper excited, one of the girls suggested going to meet him at the airport but that was definitely too much, I called Tomisin to give her the news and she squealed down the phone which obviously signified her excitement.


A/N : This was originally posted on my Wordpress account. Please read it and give me your criticisms or nice comments if you wish.

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