Tell them I'm here

14 Year old Nicole Zayas has been missing her brother for seven years now. While all seems dim a scream that has been haunting her from the day she lost her brother echoes out. The result is something that can endanger more than one life and save someone elses .


4. the romanticist

                                                                   Her eyes snapped open. The room was unfamiliar yet she wasn't afraid. It smelled like cologne and candy. She squeezed her eyes shut. The memories of last night flooded back to her. Nic felt weak at the knees. It was a good thing that she was laying down or else she might of fallen. Flynn's room was neat and organized. What a opposite it was to what his room was normally like. Organized messy he called it.

                                                    Now everything was neat and orderly. His posters no longer hanging by thumbtack. Now all four corners were secure. The trash that had once populated the floor was now extinct. It just didn't seem right anymore. It seemed more like a hotel room than an actual bedroom. Nic groaned when she realized what time it was. The digital clock bleeped out the time 7:48. Nic stretched out and took the chair off of the doorknob and unlocked the door. A note hung sadly on the wood.

                                                                            Dear Nicky,

                                                            We left to get Drew and please for hevan's sake have a good birthday. Also we prepaid for your tickets for the dance. You are going no if, ands, or buts.

                                                     Love, Your parents.

                                                      Nic rubbed her eyes and groaned. She was planning on stuffing her face with popcorn and watching some anime. Now that the option was out the door she would actually have to look nice for the dance. When the last thing she feels. She switched out her clothes for new ones and didn't bother with her hair.Nic wanted the world to know that she was just not I the mood for a dance. And guess what she went to school with her hair in her face and yet Carson still asked Nic. It went something along the lines of this:

" Hey Nic,"

" What Carson,"

" I want to let you know that you look stunning,''

" Um Carson if you haven't noticed I'm kind of....''

" Please, Nic nothing is as important to me as you saying yes to going to the dance with me,''

" Uh Carson I would love to say yes but...''

" What is wrong with me?''

" Nothing but, dude your in the girl's bathroom,''

" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,''

" If I say yes will you leave?'''


" Fine then yes now let me get Roxane's comb out of my hair,''

" I'll help you,''

" Owwwww!''

" Bye,''

" That little nutcase,'' Nic said quietly smiling.


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