Tell them I'm here

14 Year old Nicole Zayas has been missing her brother for seven years now. While all seems dim a scream that has been haunting her from the day she lost her brother echoes out. The result is something that can endanger more than one life and save someone elses .


8. Shadows along the walls.

                                                           He woke up his head feeling like molten metal was in it. He tried to stretch out his legs only to realize something horrible. The guy could stretch out one leg. The other was missing. What will my sister think? The guy thought with a pang in his heart. He really missed his little sister. The way she laughed and frowned. Then there was her friend that was like another sister except more outgoing. Of course he could never forget her unrequited lover either. He felt like laughing for the first time in weeks.

                                                     Suddenly his thoughts took a darker turn. What about Ryter? He escaped, barely. Was he alright. What had happened? No he was not alright if Mad Woman was chasing him the guy cussed. He took a deep breath and started to yell his name,'' FLYNN. MY NAME IS FLYNN. NOT QUIN. FLYNN.'' he's throat became dry and his vision dimmed. The first thought that flooded his mind, Mad Woman. It was also the last.

                                                    " Dear me, my little son don't scream like that. Do I have to cut your other leg off too?'' There was no response from the voice that just screamed. " Oh well I think the hit was hard enough,'' she laughed and walked out. 


                                                                 Carson awoke with a start. His arm was around Nic. He slightly blushed and removed his arm. He  looked along the wall only to see distorted shadows. Carson got up at walked around, it was a slightly big shed with nothing but, cobwebs in it. He saw Ryter stare at him. Soon a soft but, strained conversation began.

" Look. I don't know who you are but, if you hurt Nic I swear to..."

" Well trust me I won't hurt her. But Mad Woman will.''

" Who is she anyways?''

" She's a woman that's lost her mind.''


" The woman that held the gun up,''

" Ah''

" Look Nic is my best friend's sister. I would never hurt her.''

          " You better not.''

" I won't. Cross my heart, swear to die stick a pen in my eye if I lie,''

" Fuck!''


" Nic and I missed the dance''

" Really?"






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