Tell them I'm here

14 Year old Nicole Zayas has been missing her brother for seven years now. While all seems dim a scream that has been haunting her from the day she lost her brother echoes out. The result is something that can endanger more than one life and save someone elses .


7. Evening's terror

                                                                        The gun was held in a clenched fist with beautiful black hair and pale moon white skin. Cherry red lips. She was in fact quiet beautiful. But sadly her anger and shattered mind would never allow it to go through it's thick walls. " Now tell me this why is that you are here with these.... children, and not with your brother? Where you belong? Hmm answer me that." The woman said with somewhat of a tone of satisfaction in her voice." You mean to say that you got him?'' Ryter asked taking a step back. " Of course I did? Do you think I would let my sons just run wild?'' The woman asked deliriously.

                                         " Wait this is your mother?'' Carson stepped in. Rolling her eyes Nic pulled him out,'' Carson I wouldn't,'' Nic said tossing her head to the silver gun that was rested in the woman's hand. " No this woman is NOT my mother, she just thinks she is." He yelled . For some reason there was a distinct glint in her eye,'' Now then I just think that's utterly rude,'' she pulled the gun up and aimed for Ryter's head. 

                                              Ryter gulped Is this the end he thought sadly to himself. Her finger rested on the trigger. But the bullet never hit Ryter. Someone's heavy backpack found it's way into the air and made contact with Mad Woman's temple. The shot fired in the air harmlessly. Nic grabbed Carson and Ryter got the idea. They all ran down the creek once again. This time as allies and not strangers.

                                                     By now Nic had gotten a good look at Ryter. It was astonishing how much he looked like Flynn. Though they were complete opposites. For Flynn was loud and careless Ryter was quiet and careful. Like a mirror version Nic thought to herself. He had  the same hair and body structure and the same noses the only difference was the eyes. His were a metallic gray while Flynn's were a warm hazel.

                                                                  " Nic I think we can stop I see a shed up ahead,'' Carson panted. " Poet and you don't know it,'' Nic replied. " Hppphhh,'' Carson groaned not answering her question. The shed was worn down and old. It was made out of now flaking wood and leaned dangerously to the left. Giving it a old appearance. Truthfully Ryter knew that they could not be picky. Plus it was out of the way. Ryter held on to the small hope that Mad Woman would over look it.

                                                                Once again he thought miserably, I put random strangers in trouble. Except this time it's cause they thought I was someone else. well maybe it was only that one girl, Nic I believe? The other one keeps looking at me as if I'm the cause of this maybe I am. Ryter thought guiltly. All this while one figure watch angrily from the shadows.

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