Tell them I'm here

14 Year old Nicole Zayas has been missing her brother for seven years now. While all seems dim a scream that has been haunting her from the day she lost her brother echoes out. The result is something that can endanger more than one life and save someone elses .


9. Bunnies and guilt

                                                      Nic felt like she had ran a 4k. Emotionally and physically. Her heart was filled with joy when she saw Ryter but, it seemed to turn out into a cruel joke. Her brother was still endangered to that insane woman. She had heard in physcology class that insanity was just a form of people showing that they have a different reality than us. If that was true then what reality was that Mad Woman in? Nic shuddered when she dwelled on that thought. Not a good one. Not at all.

                                                                       Tears came to her eyes once again. She needed to be strong. She curled up into a ball, hiding her face from the world. She could feel Carson looking at her. It made blood rush towards her cheeks. What does he see in me? She wondered for the first time in.... ever. It seemed like ever since she met him he always wanted to be by her side. It was sweet up to a point. She almost laughed when a memory came to her.


                                                                  She was about five years old when it happened. The sun was perfect and the trees gave great shade. She was laughing with Roxane when she first met Carson. He was covered in dirt and had a worm crawling up his arm. In truth he looked like a mess. It made Roxane laugh even harder. Nic was silent paying more attention to what was in his hand.

                                                        " Can I pet it?'' she asked the little boy who had come up to her but, had not said anything yet. He nodded shyly putting the fuzzy baby bunny in her cupped hands. Nic gave a gasp,'' It's so soft,'' she showed it to Roxane. All she did was pet it and nod. Nic looked up at the boy,'' Hi my name's Nic. What's yours?'' she asked her hazel eyes shining. The boy looked at those hazel eyes and nearly melted,'' It's Carson and he's yours,'' his moss green eyes wide.

                                                   " Oh really? Thank you!'' Nic hugged the boy. She pulled back and smiled. Carson's face went brighter than the sun,'' Uh...your welcome,'' he looked down shyly again.

                                     " Come on Nicole! Let's put it in a box so we don't lose it!'' Roxane yelled. Roxane was already running towards her house in pursuit for a box. Nic ran a bit then stopped,'' Aren't you coming?'' she asked the dark haired boy. He blushed again,'' S-sure,'' he ran after her.


                                                               Meanwhile Carson was looking at her perfection. Ryter was looking out the window, guilt at leaving his best friend consuming him and demolishing all other emotions. Suddenly He could of sworn he her a voice say,'' All in good time child. All in good time...''

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