Tell them I'm here

14 Year old Nicole Zayas has been missing her brother for seven years now. While all seems dim a scream that has been haunting her from the day she lost her brother echoes out. The result is something that can endanger more than one life and save someone elses .


2. A dead memory.

                                                                7 Years Later

                                                         14 year old Nic, as she is now called, was scanning the school for black hair and a neon green backpack. In other words she was looking for her best friend, Roxane. Frustrated she put her blue backpack down on the cement planter and sat down. She flipped through the school's newspaper.Nothing was new. Just the same old warnings of tests and dances. A skinny finger interrupted the words.  

                                                          " Hey Nic any news?'' Roxane smiled. Nic shook her head,'' Nothing,'' she put the dull paper in her backpack. "What about the dance?'' Roxane poked Nic as she got up from the planter. " Well it's not like I'm going,'' Nic started to walk away. The best friend kept pace,'' What? But Carson would be so devastated,'' Roxane begged. Nic felt a small twinge of guilt.

                                                       " Well I'd just be a downer anyway,'' Nic made an excuse for herself. Then it hit Roxane,'' It coming up isn't?'' she asked. Nic held the pendant that she was wearing in her palm. "Yes, yes it is,'' she murmured softly. More to herself than actually Roxane. The turquoise eyes held her reflection. A normal person would of seen a teenaged girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes. A perceptive person would have seen pain in those eyes and a sense of sadness from the girl.

                                                    "Well this is were I leave,'' Roxane said going down her street. Nic waved. She headed towards the bridge that went over the creek. A weak stream trickled it's way through the sand. Finally the ended of the bridge met with the sidewalk of firm land. She turned down her street.

                                                     Her house loomed above her. The door swung easily open. Her parents were holding hands. Her mother biting her lip, her father wringing his mechanic's rag. "Honey. We need to tell you something. It's really important. Nicole, Flynn is in a better place now  Your father and I agree. We all need to move on. We have adopted Drew. He's coming tomorrow. You'll be a sister again, Honey. Isn't that what you wanted?'' Her mother told her.

                                                      The words rung in her head like bell. They bounced around like a super ball with no intention of stopping. Nic stood there, the words threatening to drown her. Finally Nic spoke,'' Is that all you think he is? DEAD? He's not. He'll come back. I know he will. HE'S NOT DEAD!'' Nic shouted running up the stairs.

                                                   She slammed her brother's door. The metal cold from lack of human touch. Nic locked it then put the desk chair against it. Despite this the conversation insued.

" Nicole! Open this door right now!''


" You're making this harder than it needs to be,''

" You're treating Flynn like he's just a dead memory,''

"We are still getting Drew no matter what you say or do,''

" You're killing Flynn,'' Nicole whispered softly.

                                                 The words did not go through the wooden door. The conversation ended and Nicole curled up into a ball and slept. " When will you come home Flynn? When?''


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