A thousand love songs...

Georgie, a young teenager decided to run away from home with her boyfriend, but would she rather be with him or her mother who now has a illness?


4. leaving so soon?

In the morning I walked into mums room, turning on her light, as she loaned that it was to bright.

'Mum tell me what's wrong right now!' I shouted at her. Her hand forcefully grabbed my arm, and I screamed with pain. Her face grew a shocked look and she let go.

'Georgie, please wait.' She screamed as I walked out of the room and into my room, I grabbed my bag and packed my clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, my money (5.76) and I grabbed a few tins of food from the shelf.

I left the house quickly and ran to maxs' house, I didn't even bother to knock, I just ran in and up to his room jumping on top of his sleeping body.

'Georgie what are you doing!?' Max said pulling me into him.

'Cant you see Max, I want to leave, now!' I said kissing his neck. He grabbed me close and kissed my lips.

'Lets go Georgie.' Max said getting up and quickly getting changed, he grabbed a tent from the wardrobe as well as his bag that was already packed. He flicked his blonde hair and looked me in the eye.

'I really love you.' He said as he kissed me on the forehead. His hand grasped mine and we walked to the door together. One deep breathe in and we were away, outside, ready to live alone, just us, no turning back because nothing could stop us now.

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