A thousand love songs...

Georgie, a young teenager decided to run away from home with her boyfriend, but would she rather be with him or her mother who now has a illness?


3. I want the truth!

I ran in the door quickly running to look for mum.

'Mum?' I shouted as I ran around the house, I ran upstairs and knocked on her bedroom door, there was no answer but I walked in anyway. Mums body lay on the bed her lips blue from the cold.

'Mum?' I tried to shake her awake but she wouldn't budge.' I kept repeating her name, she was still breathing , what do I do? I thought for a long time until she slowly opened her eyes.

'Georgina?' She whispered, I hated when she called me that but I smiled at her sweet face.

'Whats wrong mum?' I took her cold hand and held it in mine.

'Oh sweetheart, we will talk later, just a tummy bug.'

'Its not a tummy bug mum. I want the truth.' I said as I leaned into her face.

'Get off me you stupid child!' Mum screeched as she pushed me away from her forcefully.

I walked out her room angrily slamming the door, I listened for a while and heard her start to cry. I checked the bathroom for any signs of pills or anything.

I lay in my bed wondering what it could be, it was something bad, and If I couldn't get the truth, then I wasn't staying. Max wanted to be with me, and it was clear mum didn't. Tomorrow, if I couldn't get the truth out of her, then she will regret it.

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