Keeping Secrets

All Aileen ever wanted was to forget. You shouldn't need to be told; death doesn't make good memories. Moving to Beacon Hills has placed more stress on the mental locks that hold all of Aileen's secrets, and there's no telling what will come to the surface. Will she fall deeper into her hopeless pit or rise up with others like her?
*Teen Wolf Fanfiction*


27. Micromanage

(Season three Episode three)

           It's almost time to get up. I've delayed it for so long already. One of them will come upstairs to check on me if I don't get up soon. I always get out of bed by eight at the latest. And it is already nine. It's nothing to be worried about. Or at least that is what I tell myself. It is the first time that I have ever got into a fight with my aunt and uncle. I mean, there have been some close calls, but nothing ever got this bad. But... this is normal. It's bound to happen with people who are going to live together. They are basically my parents now. And I fought with my parents. A just don't get why it feels so weird to fight with Johnathon, and Rita.

           I finally decide to get up and get dressed. I walk downstairs, and sigh when I get to the bottom. I walk to a pile of tissues and cough up some mucus. I sit down at the kitchen table and twirl my thumbs waiting. I would have expected Rita or Johnathon to be there. But I am alone. The only company being the faint presence of Steven somewhere. He is still so weak.

           After seeing that there was no way Rita or Johnathon could be at the house I gather some of the things I need and head out of the house. I walk in the street and wonder why everything changes. I used to walk these streets with Will. But he’s gone now. Everything is changing, and the only constant thing in my life, Steven, is starting to leave me too.

           It's just that life isn't fair sometimes. But it feels like all the time.


           I knock on the door. I knock again. And again. And again. I felt like annoying someone today. Might as well be someone who still understands me. Mr. Chasity opens the doors, no doubt hiding a scowl best he can. The moment he saw my face, his feelings instantly changed.

"Oh, Aileen, it's you." he says surprised. I forgot I hadn't seen him in quite a long time, “Why don't you come in." he says moving aside to let me in.

"Are you sure?" I ask hugging my arms. He nods, "Thank you."

"Teresa is going to be down any minute. We were just about to have movie night... for the third day in a row. But this will be a good surprise. And it will help me catch me up on my reading he says grabbing his book that lacks a cover. Thick and beaten up, I can only imagine what he is reading. Something old I'm sure of it.

"Are you sure I'm not interrupting anything Mr. Chasity."

"Not at all. It's better when you are here. Better for all of us."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that." I say forcing a laugh as if I was joking, but I'm not. I feel that it's the truth.

"You mean a lot to Teresa. So you mean a lot to me. So, I'm sure."

           Okay. I’ll try to believe you.

"Hey, stranger." Teresa says from her room down the hall, "I had heard a conversation going on, but I didn't expect to see you here."


            I ended up staying far longer than I had first envisioned. It was already time for dinner, and Mr. Chasity had ordered Teresa and me pizza. We sat in her bed eating while she talked about all of the drama at school that I miss when I am with the others. I'm glad I decided to spend time with her. I knew there was a chance she wouldn't welcome me back, but she did. I'm glad. But of course, she eventually asked about me.

"...and that cute couple that everyone shipped broke up. A real shame I think. Anyway... how are you?"

"I'm fine." I say, Teresa knows I'm lying, "I mean I've been better."

"And what about all the shit going on, you know, the murders and the increase of werewolves."

"I didn't know you knew about the new werewolves."

"Those twins are in some of my classes, and some of your party in others." I look at her confused, "I'm not deaf okay, and I can hear when something is up."

"Oh... okay. Well, I honestly don’t know what their deal is or what they want."

"Should I be worried?" she asks grabbing another slice of pizza.

"No, they are way more interested in Scott." I say in a reassuring tone.

"I meant should I be worried about you." she says a bit annoyed.

"I don't know." I didn't like that answer. She probably didn’t either.

            I'm sure Teresa is worried about me. After the lung removal she came and visited; pissed at Scott and the others. She was ready to give them a talking to, and I had to talk her down from doing it. It was just better for everyone if she wasn't involved. She wants to help so much. And she probably would be loads of help. But I know it isn't safe for her. And I couldn't forgive myself if anything bad happened to her. Especially if her dad meant the things he said earlier.


"Are you sure you don't want to stay the night?" Teresa asks leading me to the door to leave, "It's not any trouble."

"I would gladly spend the night, but I should really get home. Rita is probably worried sick right now."

"Alright. See you later?" she asks hopefully.

"Yeah." that was a lie. But just saying it made leaving a bit easier.

            I get back home and the lights are on, no surprise. Rita and Johnathon are both at the table. I walk in the door silently and put my jacket on the hook. If things are like yesterday I can only imagine what will happen. But as I said earlier, things never stay constant. Johnathon hardly moves his head to me while Rita smiles.  She throws me a new phone saying something about it being far too long for me to not have a phone and then dismisses me.

           I head up to my room and turn on the light and sit in bed. I mainly busy myself with putting contacts into my phone. I was surprised at home many numbers I had actually memorized. After that I just stayed in bed and fidgeted around until I decided to turn off my light. Around nine I felt the need to clean my room, so I did that until the dust started to cause my lung pain. So I cleaned my room for five or ten minutes at most.

           There is a knocking at my door, but there isn't anyone there. Wichtlien? There must be another death around the corner. I don't want to feel another stomach ache thank you. I wonder who it will be this time. Another person I've never known and will never have a chance to know. So many people die. I almost don't feel the pain of their deaths anymore. I've become numb to the feeling.

           A pair of shoes stops at my doorway. I wait for whoever it is to say something to me, but they just sit there and watch. I turn out the light, assuming it's my aunt or uncle getting ready to yell at me to go to sleep. I lie in bed and wait for the temptations of rest to take hold of me. I know it's going to take a while. I always have trouble sleeping. Sleep is something odd. I can't figure it out. If I did understand it, I wouldn't still be laying here trying to fall asleep. I would be asleep.

           Before you know it, the world had woken up from its slumber and I along with it. I get dressed quickly, ready to... basically have a more productive day. I figured I would go to the bookstore and buy some biographies and other novels that could come in handy for some of my classes. I go to the bathroom, get dressed and brush my teeth. I pack the things I need into my book bag for school. The pain in my back reminds me that I need to get my meds. I walk over to my dresser to get them. There is so much useless crap crowding the space, I should probably clean that instead of the rest of my room. I reach for the pill bottle which was smack in the middle of the cluttered space. I knock over numerous objects getting to the bottle and sigh when half of the objects fall to the ground. I throw the pill bottle into my bag and bend to pick up the fallen objects.

           I grab my bag quickly and move out of my room. The house is silent. I don't know if Rita and John are awake yet so I walk silently down the stairs. I seem to do this so often I now know where each creak is on the steps and avoid them easily. Once down I look around the corner into the kitchen. Empty. I walk out the door and head out. I needed to get out.


           I knock on the door to the Chasity's house in a hurry and hardly wait for the door to be fully opened before walking in. Teresa answered the door, and I heard Mr. Chasity in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Teresa closes the door behind me like my barging in was no big deal, but she could tell that I was upset.

"You’re just in time for breakfast." Mr. Chasity throws out a greeting just before I disappear into their hallway as Teresa drags me along to her room.

"Well, what is it?" she asks.

            I just want a friend right now.


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