Keeping Secrets

All Aileen ever wanted was to forget. You shouldn't need to be told; death doesn't make good memories. Moving to Beacon Hills has placed more stress on the mental locks that hold all of Aileen's secrets, and there's no telling what will come to the surface. Will she fall deeper into her hopeless pit or rise up with others like her?
*Teen Wolf Fanfiction*


33. Exposed

         It's like no time has pasted since I've last been home. I'm right there, watching the mother and father. Watching Will. Andrea is beside me.

"Take the boy."


         A snap of my fingers is all it took. And Steven was beside me.


         I remember everything. And I guess he does too. Can he ever forgive me? Neither option was good for him. Being forced to stay in the intermediate realm, or to spend an eternity here, without an afterlife.

"Hello Steven."

"What's going on Aileen? Where are we?"

         I keep my mouth shut. I put my palm to his forehead and pray for him to forget everything. For everyone to forget I ever existed. That I ever came into being.

         For being the end. I suppose this is an alright way to go.

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