Keeping Secrets

All Aileen ever wanted was to forget. You shouldn't need to be told; death doesn't make good memories. Moving to Beacon Hills has placed more stress on the mental locks that hold all of Aileen's secrets, and there's no telling what will come to the surface. Will she fall deeper into her hopeless pit or rise up with others like her?
*Teen Wolf Fanfiction*


17. Disclosure

(Season two Episode five)

            Going home that night, after finding out what the creature was. What a kanima was. It was terrible. I was tired, and I came home to my pointless research. The atmosphere seemed to be made up of my failure. It didn't help that Steven felt the need to gloat. I had to spend the rest of the night putting everything back in order, books on the bookshelf and papers in their files. It took forever to finally lay down to rest. And it felt like only a few minutes before I had to get up for school the next day.

           Everyone carried on as usual. Looking around there were more smiles than I would have imagined seeing. I forget that not everyone knows what's out there. Were the smiles for covering up the fear that they held in their hearts?

"Do you see this." Matt points at his camera, where he has a picture of Scott, "There is always a glare, I can never get a clear shot of his eyes. I wonder why?"

"Maybe, and this is just a guess," I say annoyed, "it's because he is a werewolf. Ever thought of that?"

            Unfortunately we have, like, four classes together so there was no real way to get away from him. Knowing that he is likely going to talk to me nonstop I had better take something for the migraine I am destined to get. Soon.

"I knew that." he replies a frown on his face, "But how, and why?"

"Am I supposed to have the answers?"

"I mean, you are the one that hangs out with him all the time? But, on to more relevant things, why do you think you have a spirit connected to you. I mean there must be a reason."

           My mind flashes back to the time Steven said he was with me because of my actions. Could it be true? Steven had once said that he had also taken some of my memories. It could be possible that I had somehow summoned him to me and we have this bond that I can't break because I don't even remember.

"I don't know." I respond.

"Do you think he can possess people?"

            Yes. I know he can.

"No." the bell rings and everyone sits down waiting for class to start.

"Well, if my opinion matters, I think you are connected for a reason."

"I don't think there is a reason." I respond silently.

"There's always a reason." he snaps back.

          When the bell rings for lunch I am ecstatic.  I run to my locker to put away my things and race to the bathroom to get away from Matt.

"Eileen." I don't like that voice. I would almost rather be with Matt right now.

"It's Aileen, with an A." I give Lydia a glare which falls away the second I see that she was crying. Should I leave the room before I get dragged into her mess... or should I ask her what's wrong?

"Do you think I'm crazy?" her eyes search me for an answer but I'm not sure I'll even be able to give one.

            She looks down at her hands and I realize she's shaking. It must have been about what happened earlier in class. So many people laughed when had that emotional breakdown. I would have laughed if I hadn't felt so uneasy about it. I also didn't laugh because it seemed terrible. Lydia was one of the most popular girls in the school, and after what had happened to her...

"You're not crazy." I say sitting down next to her, "If anything..." I don't know what to say to comfort her. I don't feel sympathetic.

"You are terrible at making people feel better, you know that. You're just so awkward when it comes to talking to people. You can't help people going through tough stages in their life."

"What's that supposed to mean." maybe she is crazy. Hell, she might be the kanima for all I know.

"I don't know. I don't really know half of the things I'm even talking about right now. Maybe I am crazy."

            I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to see Lydia go crazy. A society of crazy people her among them. Didn't seem that odd.

'Hmm." I say to myself. perhaps a little too loudly

"Oh my god, why am I taking to you of all people! Get out of here. Seriously, why are you always getting in the middle of things you aren't a part of. Just go home to your old life." I know she hates me but she took this too far.

"You know nothing about my old life." I get up and start to walk out. Thanks for wasting most of my lunch hour.

"That's what you think."

            What was that supposed to mean?

             Did she know about my past? Who told her?

"Still mad they found out before you?"

"Get out Steven." I swear, he could be the annoying brother I never had. I find the table Scott and Stiles are sitting at and I check to see what's new. A bunch. Lydia is going to be killed. And by who, Derek and his minions. The duo try convincing me to help protect Lydia when the attack happens. I just talked to the girl, and she definitely doesn't want my help.

"Aileen, we are talking about someone's life here. The more people helping the less likely there will be bloodshed." Scott says.

"The second you bring too many people, you are putting that many more people in the line of fire."

"What are you... I don't understand." Scott that idiot.

"One man building a house takes a month. Another man works, and spits the time in half. Two more people join and the time it takes to build the house is now a quarter of it's original time. Putting a thousand people on the job, mathematically it should cut the work time to about nothing, but in reality extra people will just get in the way."

"Okay, I think I'm starting to get it." Scott says still thinking over the concept in his head.

"Aileen, we need you there." Stiles butts in.

"But why do you need me."

"You could be the one piece of leverage we have when it comes to battling Derek. Not only do you have harbingers, but you also know Derek and how he would attack."

"That's what you think." The bell rings.

"Thank you. We'll call you when we need you." Stiles says before rushing to catch up with Scott.

            I didn't even say yes.

           Hardly two minutes into our final class and Matt is already in my face about meeting him after school in the library. So right after school I get to the library and have to look around for a while to find where Matt is. When I find him, I see him looking through his camera as if he'd forgotten he wanted to meet with me. I sit down next  to him and say hi to Danny and look over angrily at the jerk. Why the is he here?

            Matt seems to ignore me the entire time I was there. He didn't acknowledge me until both Danny and Jackson left. What humiliation. I probably looked weird, showing up and having no one talk to me.

"Oh, hey Aileen, didn't think you would show up."

"You better be kidding. You practically begged me to come here. And then, you don't talk to me until the jerk and Danny leave."

"Jerk? You mean Jackson?" he says before chuckling for a little while, "Good to know you feel that way about him."

"Shut up!"

"Someone's angry."

"Of course I'm going to be angry. You tell me to meet you in the library after school and then wait a good half an hour before actually talking to me."

"Chill," Matt says in rebuttal.

"I need to leave soon."

"You just got here."

"I was here thirty minutes ago. You just didn't talk to me until just now. Or did you forget already."

"I'm still a little curious about you and Steven."

"You know, curiosity killed the cat."

"But there are some things you haven't told me..." his eyes fill with suspense. What else does he want me to say? For the heck of it I'd like to say Steven raped me, but lord knows where that conversation would lead. I also don't need to be putting any ideas in Steven's head.

"They are dangerous."

            We sit in silence for a  while, until Matt starts going over some of his theories of why werewolves eye's can't be seen through a camera lens. He also talks to me about his theories about how Steven is attached to me and how he thinks he could detach us. The thoughts were amusing, considering how each of them seemed to involve me getting seriously hurt. No thanks Matt, I already  have a way to get rid of Steven, but lately he's been worth too much to get rid of.

            After a while we seemed burned out of thinking. A good thing too because if I had to listen to another theory of Matt's, I might kill him. And I'm sure if he had to make up another theory he would very quickly kill himself. I was tired, but he was angry. He wanted to figure some of these things out. I've learned you never get some of the answers you look for.

"You know what I don't get!" his voice came out of nowhere. I thought we were done talking. And, I guess, in one way we are. We've resorted to yelling now.

"What!" I yell in return out of surprise.

"I know your face. The second I saw you at the drive in theater I felt like I already knew you. But the second I introduced myself I couldn't for the life of me remember your name."

"Could we have even met before?"

"That's what I had thought. Do you feel like you knew me before, or is it just me."

            How do I answer this question? I don't want to say no, but I don't know him. He was just another face in a pool of people that have no significance to me. I don't have the feeling of recognition that he has. I didn't know him before, and I can't even be sure I really know him now.

"I haven't really thought about it." Way to avoid the question, Aileen you are going to make this whole situation disappear next.

"I swear I know you from somewhere. I just need to figure it out. Then you will remember me too." is it bad that I can see Matt jumping on top of the table and vowing to figure this out no matter what. No matter what.


           A call from Stiles saved me from the situation. I blubbered something about how I had to leave, and then I left. I was scared that if I stayed there any longer I would be trapped while he continues to try remembering me. And he never would. I swear I don't know him from anywhere. I honestly don't know. I don't know.

           I get to the house and it seems empty. No one is there. I almost want to look behind me to see if everyone will pop out and say surprise, but I'm scared if I do Derek might pop up and start killing. To fulfill his objective to kill the kanima. But he isn't even sure. He could be wrong. Do I believe he is wrong? No. But Scott has a bit of doubt, and that is enough for me to stand by his side. Even if it's the side with Lydia and the jerk, Jackson.

           I knock on the door and it opens on its own. I'm tempted to run, considering how in every scary movie I've seen, doors opening on their own mean bad news. But there are no harbingers. I walk through the door and look at the state of things. Derek must not have stopped by yet. Did Stiles just call me to get me over here before shit hit the fan? Did I go to the wrong house? I look back outside at the address and move back in. It's the right place. I recognize it. I remember Scott's house.

           A feather falls in front of me onto the wooden floor. Either this house has birds, or there is a harbinger. Only one of those things is logical. I look at the feather. What do I need to be worried about? Another feather falls. I crouch down to pick up the two and examine the area around them when a whoosh of air falls past me. I move back up to find the source only to be given a few more swings. I keep backing up, but the swings keep coming. I get hit across the face and spit flies out of my mouth. God that hurt. I grab the stick with my hand awkwardly and force it away from my attacker. I hold the stick in my hands and realize the supposed stick wasn't a stick at all. It was a baseball bat. Classic weapon.

"Stiles, it's me." I say just as his body rams into me and knocks me too the ground. I can hardly breathe. My body feels crushed.

"Aileen?" he says jumping up to his feet allowing me to breathe again. I take in gulps of air and continue to lay on the floor to catch my breath, "Why didn't you say it was you."

"I guess I'm too slow."

"I'm sorry," his finger touches the place the bat hit me across the face and I slap it away gently. Or at least as gently as I could.

"Don't touch me." I say silently. He raises his arms up in surrender before extending his hand to help me up. The Idea of being helped makes me feel weak, even so, I accept the gesture.

"It's nice you're here early. Scott is a bit held up, and it's hard enough keeping Lydia here against her will. I figured you can help get her mind off of leaving."

"That's a terrible idea!" Stiles takes a step back, I must be scary looking right now, "My being here will make Lydia want to leave even more than she already does now."

"Well if you'd told me this earlier, I wouldn't have had Allison tell her that you were coming."

"YOU DID WHAT!" I wanted to say, but Lydia beat me to it. Stiles and I look up to where the voice came from and only a few seconds later Lydia comes down to face me. The glare that she has strikes fear into my core. A raven flies through the window in and I gulp knowing whats next. My eyes fall from Lydia and look to the raven. I'd seen the raven when I'd first met Derek. It meant good fortune or danger. But for me, all it means is that Derek is here.

"Aileen, what is it?" Stiles asks.


"Lydia go back upstairs!"

"No way, not until you tell me what's going on."

"I'm not asking!" Stiles yells, Lydia takes a step back swallowing air and and any other remarks she'd thought about saying. She walks back up to her room slowly but then more quickly as the atmosphere seems to become more dark. He and Allison start talking about calling people, or shooting people, so I start to think.

            We wait for them to strike. I'd never seen Erica, Isaac, or Boyd in their alternate forms. I didn't know anything about the enemy. Not how strong, or how tempered, only who their leader was. In order to figure out what they would do I would need to figure out how Derek would go about this. Up against a human, a hunter, and if he knows that I'm here... some weird psychic.  Even with the advantage of being familiar with our surroundings, it would still be too easy. Derek is probably using this as practice for the newbies. Derek also knows not to attack straight on.

"If Scott was able to catch an arrow, Derek definitely can." Alison remarks.

"Okay, uh just shoot one of the other three then." Stiles responds. Clearly upset Alison will not be shooting and killing Derek in the meantime.

"You mean two." Allison's statement causes me to look around for the other one. There were three, why are there only two now. 

"No, I mean three. Where the hell is Isaac?"

"Stiles," I warn.

"Where?" I hear a crash coming from a room near us.

"The back." almost immediately after I said that Isaac comes through and attacks both Stiles and Allison.

"What was that? What's happening?"  Lydia calls from wherever she is. Not a good Idea, they know where you are now.

"Get back. Someone's trying to break in, okay? Go. Lydia, go!"

           Allison moves to Scott's room and Isaac beats Stiles to the ground again. He starts walking toward me slowly as if he was teasing me. Toying with me. He wasn't going to actually kill me right? Knock me unconscious or something. I move back into the kitchen and continue increasing the distance between me and him. I hit the counter and realize I'm stuck. I look for something to defend myself with. Stiles has the bat. I think about jumping out a window, but I am not that athletic. That and I don't want to be a coward.

"You're like a little bunny, trapped, nowhere to go."

"I was surprised you came to school today Isaac. Weren't you a suspect."

"I got around that." he says taking a step closer to me. I chuckle nervously. I see Erica come into the house and I pray that she doesn't come for me too. She passes by and moves to Allison. I let out a breath of relief and face Isaac again.

"That so? You must have gotten Jackson to negate his original statement. Did you threaten him. Jackson's got too pretty a face to have it ripped to shreds by a hormonal teenager like yourself."

"Maybe I did something like that, so." I can see a scowl start to form on his face. A few more things should get him angry enough to play right into my hands.

"So, it proves how much of an idiot you are. I mean, you killed your father because you couldn't take the beatings he gave you when you weren't acting right." I think I struck a nerve there.

"You bitch!" he charges, I duck last second causing him to run right into the kitchen counter. I get ready to run but his hand caught hold my hair. I let out a shriek. He throws me into the ground and gets ready to hit me across the face but I roll away getting a cut on my cheek.

"Steven, help me out." I whisper. It was about time he stopped watching this fight. I crawl away hearing objects in the kitchen become possessed and attack Isaac for a few seconds.

"If I do anything more you won't be able to get away." he says. It takes me a while to realize what he meant. Steven doesn't want to take anymore energy from me. Who knows what would happen. I feel a pain in my stomach, a new fatigue. I continue to crawl away, but slowly my body starts to shut itself down. My eyelids become heavy.

           Only a few seconds later I seem to wake to Stiles shaking me. Once my eyes are open he asks me if I'm okay and I get up trying to figure out what happened. Scott is here now, that's what Stiles said. I watch as Erica and Isaac's bodies are thrown out to Derek who looks at them both in surprise and disappointment. Derek and the others fight about who the enemy is. But the sound of the kanima pulled me back to the situation I'm in. We all turn and watch the creature run off into the night. I guess Scott was wrong, Lydia was the beast the entire time.

"Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on." Lydia asks running out of the house. Now I am confused. Who else was in the house.

"It's Jackson" Scott says.

            It's the jerk?

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