Keeping Secrets

All Aileen ever wanted was to forget. You shouldn't need to be told; death doesn't make good memories. Moving to Beacon Hills has placed more stress on the mental locks that hold all of Aileen's secrets, and there's no telling what will come to the surface. Will she fall deeper into her hopeless pit or rise up with others like her?
*Teen Wolf Fanfiction*


24. Devitalized

(Season two Episode twelve)

           So much chaos. If I could see the harbingers in the dark maybe I would be able to help. But as I have been many times before, I am useless. The lights come back on, not that it helps that much. The scurrying of people make it hard to figure out who got hurt, who turned out the lights or what happened entirely. I focus on the field and see that someone is hurt. But not just anyone. Jackson. Gerard wouldn't do that. Right? He is breaking the rules too.

            I move from my seat in the bleachers with the rest of the crowd and bury my hands in the sleeves of Will's old sweatshirt. I want to haul ass back home before anything happens to me but the voice of a child leaves me motionless.

"Mommy! Mommmyyyyyy!!!!" I run toward the voice.

"Hey, hey,  hey!" I grab the child by the shoulders, forcing him to face me, "Calm down."

"But I- I- I. But I-"

"Calm down, and say the words."

"I want my mommy."

"Where did you see your mommy last?" I ask looking around to see if anyone was looking for their kid. The child points to the bleachers, and I look among the commotion, "Stay here," I say patting the child on the shoulder as I go back to the bleachers. To look for his mother.

            Feet scramble every which way hiding the person that I am looking for. I follow the child's finger and watch as it's direction points me to a woman draped across the floor of the bleachers. I make my way over to her as people push by me. The entire area around me seems to grow muted as I make my way slowly to the woman. I pray she isn't dead. Please don't be dead. I reach where she lays and kneel in front of her, keeping her from getting trampled on by any more people. Her hands were limp, hanging off the edge of the bleachers. Blood slowly dripped from her fingertips to the ground. She looked so-

            I heard her groan in pain and I flinch half expecting her to be... Well that doesn't matter. I lift her up and I felt the warmth of the woman's blood on my skin and onto Will's sweatshirt. Her fingers grasp my shoulder and hold tight not to fall. I help her stand and she leans on me for support. We slowly make our way off of the bleachers. Turning back, I can see the fresh blood still dripping off of the bleachers. I hope it doesn't leave a stain.

"Where-" she tries to speak and seems ready to peel over doing so. But she didn't quit. Her eyes widened in perseverance and she speaks again, "Where's my boy?"

"He's right here," I say leading her to him. I hold her up as her son hugs her and she winces in pain, "Where is your car, I can drive you to the hospital."

           She pulls her car keys out of her pants pocket and pushes the unlock button. The lights flash on her car and I slowly walk her over to it. Once to the car I lean the woman on the side of the car as I open up the passenger seat. I help her into the seat and buckle her as I get ready to do the same with the child.

"I'm cold." he says silently. Falling asleep. That's odd? I find that being cold helps you stay awake not put you to sleep.

"Here." taking off Will's sweatshirt that has permanent blood stains on it, I help the kid put it on and then secure him in the car seat on the drivers side of the car. The safest place to put a child. Except you can't look behind you and see them. In this instance however, the mother can. I close all of the door and get into the car clicking the buckle. After locking the doors I turn the key and start the car. I put the car in drive and press down on the breaks.

"You do know how to drive, don't you?" the woman asks looking at me through half open eyes.

"Yeah. It's just been a while, a long while." I let go of the breaks and press down on the gas. luckily I know how to get to the hospital.

           I drop the kid and the woman off and leave before anyone can ask me what happened. I put the keys on top of the front tire on the drivers side and head home. My hands shook. Why did I give that kid my sweatshirt? Will's sweatshirt. I no longer have the comfort of what my brother use to mean for me. I am losing so many parts of him. His smell, his voice, personality, comfort. Not just Will, all of them. Mother. Father. The twins. Everyone is gone.


            I get home and immediately wash away the blood from my hands and in between my fingers. I change my clothes and lay down in bed watching the harbingers float above me on my room's ceiling and fan. Calla lilies fall infinitely as if my ceiling produced them. Birds sang their death songs and the glowing eyes of dogs and other animals didn't fail to make me lose my breath.

           Seems like yesterday I was laughing with Teresa about normal things. Where did that time go? All I did was blink. And it was gone. I wish I could go back to that moment when I didn't need to worry about the world I am now permanently involved in. But everyone knows you can't go back. No matter how much you know could get better if you did go back and make the right decision.

           The house phone rings and I wait for it to go to the machine. It was probably someone Rita or John knew anyway. I'd like to sleep, but if I do... if  I  do...

           Morning comes chasing away the darkness and my restlessness. And by morning I mean it is two. The sun hasn't even shown it's face yet. I get up and walk down to the kitchen to forcefully stomach something that might just come up later. The phone rings and I practically jump out of my skin in fear. Who would be calling at this time at night.


"Aileen, you need to come quick."



"Scott?" is he even still there.

"You need to hurry Aileen, come to..."


           I get to the place and look around. I must have beat them there. Seems unlikely considering I was on foot. so were they, but they had werewolves on their side. Then again, they did had to carry a dead Jackson. Why is it so dark here. I can't see anything. Someone taps me on the shoulder from behind.

           I turn and get ready to ask who was there when I felt a sharp sting in my abdomen. I look up to see Gerard showing off his creepy smile. He watches me as I fall onto my knees. He removes the knife from my body and kicks me to the floor. I could hear the splatting of my blood dropping from the knife to the floor. I couch up blood and struggle to breathe. Gerard continues to kick me, over and over again until I feel permanently curled into the fetal position.

"Bet you didn't see that coming." he says chuckling at his own stupid joke.

"That bastard! nobody gets to lay a hand on you. Nobody but me!" Steven is pissed, he's more angered with himself than anyone else. He still only yells at me though. My head hurts, I can hardly breathe. I try to grab some of the air around me, but my lungs just seem to keep filling up with blood.


"I'll kill him, I swear I will." I could feel his presence leaving me. He is the only one here for me and he is leaving me to.

"Steven!" I could feel his presence halt, no longer getting further away from me, "Worry about him later, right now-" I cough up some more blood and desperately want to fall asleep. But doing so could mean my death, "I am your first priority. Without me there is no you." I totally made that shit up. But it worked.

"What do I do?"

"Something." I whisper. my eyes slowly start to close. It sucks Gerard was the one to do it. Steven wouldn't get to bring my demise. But...


           This is an okay end. 



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