Loved By A Vampire? (Sequel To Loved By A Vampire?)

“W-what is this?” I said tears brimming in my eyes. Suddenly Louis took a step forward and kneeled on the ground.

“Jealyn Hope Chris, I’ve been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” I could feel the tears start to stream down my face and I was speechless.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I would be honored to be your girlfriend!”

*Please read the first book before starting sequel*


12. Chapter ten

 Chapter 10

What the hell!?!? Game? What game? Do I really have to go through this again? The first time was enough and I do not want to do it again!

"Jealyn, Liam said you have to come with us to our sound check," Niall's thick Irish accent rang in my ear.

"Aw why do I have to come? Liam said I didn't have to!" I whinned.

"Ya you do, Liam said its not a good idea for you to stay home by yourself," Niall explained, I simply just rolled my eyes.

"In other words he doesn't trust me correct?" I asked, and Niall merely nodded his head. I'm not really surprised, I kinda figured Liam would make me go. I bet he still thinks I broke the window.

"Niall you believe me when I say I didn't break the window right?" I questioned only to get a weird look from Niall.

"Of course I do, why wouldn't I?" Niall asked, I only shrugged my shoulders and heading up the stairs to get ready.

As I quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt I couldn't help but think back to that note. What does it mean? Does this person want to kill me? OK no, that was a stupid question. Of course he wants to kill me! Come on Jealyn get with the program!

"Jealyn, hurry up!" Liam called from downstairs.

"Hey, your the one making me come so don't rush me!" I screamed back. People these days, always trying to push me. Don't they know beauty takes time?

"Just hurry up," Liam sighed. Oh Liam, I love him to death but he gets on my nerves.

"I'm ready, are you happy now!?" I exclaimed as I walked down the stairs. Liam only sighed and shook his head at me. Well then, I guess someone's not in a good mood today.

"Jealyn I love you, but you get on my nerves," Liam sighed. Oh, so he feels the same!


"It's funny how I feel the exact same way," I replied with a smile, as I skipped out the door.


We soon arrived at the stadium the boys would be preforming in. As soon as I steped into the building the strong smell of blood hit my noise. I could feel my eyes start to go red under the blue contacts as I tried to block out the scent. Why can't I block the scent? What's wrong with me? I shouldn't even be hungry, I just fed the other day!

"Louis, what's wrong with me? I can't seem to block out the smell of blood?" I whispered quietly to Louis, who only gave me a confused look,

"What do you mean love?" Louis asked confused, sounding slightly concerned.

"I mean the smell of blood, I can't block it out! I've never had blood lust like this before!" I exclaimed, and realization spread across his features.


"It's the pregnancy love, your body craves more blood then usual," he explained, before dragging me off to there dressing room.

"Now remember love, don't leave this room OK?" Louis questioned, going over the rules.

"Ya ya I know, don't leave the room, don't talk to anyone, and don't break anything. I get it," I confirmed.

"Good girl," Louis said with a smile before running out of the room. Sighing to myself, I grabbed Louis' phone he had stupidly left on the table. But as I attempted to play the games on his phone I couldn't focus. The scent around me was driving me insane!

Shakily, I stood up and opened the window hoping some fresh air would help. But with my luck it didn't. The next thing I know I'm pinning a girl up to a wall in the middle of an ally. Without thinking I let my fangs sink into her neck as she let out an ear piercing scream. I quickly covered the girls mouth as her blood continued to run down my throat.

Suddenly, the girl went limp in my arms and I let myself sink to the ground with tears streaming down my face as I realized what I had just done. I just killed some one. I just killed an innocent girl! That girl couldn't have been any older than me and I killed her! What's wrong with me? Why am I such a monster? Why did this have to happen to me?

Chapter ten everybody! Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you guys think! I love hearing all your comments suggestions and  imputes !
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